They're just snowboards, chill the fuck out already!

Being in Vermont, I have the “luxury” of getting bombarded constantly with news stories, op-ed pieces, and so forth about the current Burton “controversy.”

Long story short: Burton made two new snowbard lines, called “Love” and “Primo.” Love has pictures of vintage Playboty models on them (the most you can see is part of an ass,) and “Primo” has cartoonish self-mutilation. You can see them in a gallery in the news article.

Well, because of these boards, every whining little candy-ass cunt-douche is coming out of the woodwork to protest, complain, and otherwise be a God-damn fuck-nugget. “Won’t someone think of the children” is the exact rallying cry used by these morons. Now, several ski mountains have banned their employees from using the boards while on duty, which is about as much as they can do. Because, God forbid some child saw part of a woman’s ass…:rolleyes:

And then there’s this:

So less than 2000 of these…spread over the whole country. By the way these idiots were going on you’d think that Burton was forcing every snow boarder to buy one and shove it in their face.

I do applaud Burton, though, for not backing down and standing firm.

The only downside is that a couple charities that Burton helped with have decided to stop working with Burton. They charities did find other sponsors, though, so it’s not like they stopped entirely.

And they said Puritanism would never catch on.

Oh no! ASSES! D:

You’re whining because an employer is telling its employees what is tasteful equipment to be used on its premises?

Shit that’s horrible. Next thing you know some employers will be forcing their own guidelines about the types of clothing they expect their employees to wear while working!!!

Heh heh. “Chill out”. Cause they’re snowboards, and snow is cold.

Yeah, that’s the sum total of the OP’s complaint. :rolleyes:

I think the resorts are being entirely reasonable in banning the boards for their employees. It’s like having a calendar of those playboy models in the customer waiting room. As a female boarder I wouldn’t much like taking snowboard lessons from a guy with a giant naked woman on his board.

Ignoring the fact that that’s hardly the OP’s only gripe, that’s analogous to a tattoo parlor requiring its employees to have only “tasteful” body art.

Well, I suppose it’s a damn good thing that snowboards, skateboards, and skis have no history whatsoever with displaying risque, weird, and countercultural art.

No history at all.

Seriously. WTF?

Clue me in here – what other gripes did he make? I must be missing something.

You are.

OK, I guess there’s that.

The thing is, people can be really funny about nudity. Whether or not we personally find it offensive, there will always be those that do. If a charity can lose credibility over something like that, then it hurts those who receive that charity. They can stick to their guns about the right to publicly display pootytang, but at what cost? It looks like they made a decision in the best interest of their charges.

None of these boards have “giant naked women” on them. Per the OP, at worst you might catch a glimpse of half a buttcheek.

Anyway, the bottom of a snowboard is generally, you know, on some snow, and half the top is covered by boots and straps.

Except that the boards don’t feature any actual nudity, that’s an extremely good point.

Well, to be fair, that’s because you’re uptight, not because you’re female.

Private company chooses not to let employees display pin ups. Can’t see the outrage here. If it were my company, I probably wouldn’t draw the line where they have chosen to draw it, though if it was costing me significant business, I might. But they have made the business decision, which is their call to make.

Oh stuff it. Strapping a plank on your feet doesn’t mean you can toss basic courtesy out the window. Look at these pics and tell me they’d be appropriate in a customer waiting room: There’s 5 million snowboarders out there, you’re–WE’RE–not “counter culture”. And you can ride your stupid naked women boards if you want, but if your employer can dictate that you wear a certain type of jacket they can darn well tell you not to have a naked woman on your board. Geez, what a bunch of whiners that some EMPLOYEES can’t ride a certain limited-edition board that anyone with sense would know isn’t appropriate at work.

I’m seeing a lot more than “part of an ass” in the picture on the far right.

Wait… '80s playmates are now “vintage”?

Man, I’m old.

You are? Where?