They're remaking 3:10 to Yuma?

Just like it says in the title. Why in the world do they think they can improve 3:10 to Yuma? I understand the motivation behind remaking a well known movie, but this is not known well enough to have a built in audience. An Elmore Leonard story starring Glenn Ford and Van Heflin, with a couple of great character actors as well, Henry Jones and Richard Jaeckel, hell, it was damn near perfect.

Christian Bale will probably do an all right job in the Van Heflin role, and I guess with the right director Russell Crowe won’t stink on ice, but my God. I went to the movies and saw trailers for 5 movies, 4 of which were either sequels or remakes. They’re doing Invasion of the Body Snatchers for the third time. Somebody must be writing original scripts, why is it so hard to get one made?

It’s not hard to get an original script made, they make hundreds every year. They just usually suck so bad noone wants to pay $17.00 for 2 plus popcorn to watch them. Unless it gets a horrible review I’ll go see it just because the new cast has to be better than the original. I have to assume that everyone in the original was under contract.

In fact it’s the fourth time.

I don’t mind the idea of remaking this. However, I think they made a mistake by doing it again as a Western. I would’ve liked to see them do the same story but in a contemporary setting.

3:10 To Yuma is a much better movie than High Noon. That is all.

I’d completely forgotten about that one. Thanks.