They're worse than homicidal maniacs... they're STUPID homicidal maniacs...

Iraqi group threatens to murder Italian hostages unless Italian people organize and hold antiwar rallies within five days

Now, I wasn’t in favor of the war. Still ain’t. But this goes beyond desperation. I mean, this is going into severe wacko, toys-in-the-attic territory. Were these the terrorists who couldn’t get into the real terrorist groups? Are these the Al-Qaida wannabees? I mean, come ON, people…

I’m surprised they didn’t want a single plum floating in perfume served in a man’s hat.

This is what happens when Iranian scientists cross-breed Osama bin Laden and Martin Luther King. It isn’t pretty, but it could have been worse.

He could be staging bomb-ins.

Wow. That’s very interesting technique on the part of the terrorist-type guys. Appeal to the masses, rather than deal with the government.


I wasn’t for the war either, necessarily. Kinda came out of left field. I think it’s time now though to apply proper boot pressure to the necks of these malcontents. We’ve got the manpower, we’ve got the hardware, we’ve just got to apply both in a sensible, albeit swift, manner.

This cannot continue.

It kind of reminds me of the People’s Front of Judea trying to decide on what sort of communique to issue:

In the end, though, the contents of their “demands” are irrelevant. What’s relevant is that popular resistance seems to be growing, which means the situation is well and truly fucked, and that additional use of force, necessary though it might be, will only make things more fucked.

Why does this shit remind me of the Bush Admin.?