They've just poured it in a glass. Now what?

Do broadcasting regulatory authorities think the viewing public is stupid enough not to think that the beer that has just been poured in a glass on T.V. won’t very soon find its way into the pourer’s stomach? Why is it that beer ads (but not hard liquor ones, oddly enough) can still be shown to this day while cigarette ads have been banned for decades?

I may be mistaken about this.

I think I read somewhere that there are no actual regulations about the advertising of alcoholic beverages. It seems there was a movement to regulate these products, but before it could be acted on, the industry voluntarily agreed to not show people actually drinking them. When I get a chance, I’ll see if I can figure out where I read this.

Cigarette advertising, as you mentioned, have been banned.

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Yes, they do. :sunglasses:

Also, the beer lobby is probably stronger than the cigarette lobby. IMHO.

There’s not. In fact, not long ago, Seagram put together an ad for… Crown Royal, I think, and announced they were going to use it. I can’t recall whether they did, or whether they backed down due to industry pressure, but there was much discussion.

I remember that Paul Hogan Foster’s commercials that made fun of this convention. Hogan would pour himself a beer, briefly tell you how good Foster’s was, and then bring it up to his mouth to drink it. Someone else would quickly tell him he couldn’t drink it while the camera was running. Hogan would start asking how many more seconds the commercial had left as he eyed the beer. Eventually he would tell the camera to fade to black for two seconds and when it returned to him he would be holding the empty mug.

Remember it well, Mike. Actually, I’m one of the few earthlings who hates the taste of beer. That said, I always found Foster’s commercials to be one cut above in…good taste :smiley:

Wow so there’s someone else out there who dosen’t like the taste of beer. I’ve never understood how anyone could drink that stuff. Now to exclude my self from everyone else, I don’t like the taste of any alcohol at all, hard liquor, mixed drinks whatever and to go one more step I don’t even like soda (or coffee) can anyone else beat that.

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Must be a Mormon :smiley:

Also I’ve noticed that in all cigarette ads in magazines they’ll hold the cig but never will they puff it or be showen exhaling it. Just like with the beer everyone knows that most people do more then just hold the cig. And on billboards they don’t even show the cigs themselves, just the people. (ie Kool=people just having fun (usually laughing) Marb always a pic of a rugged cowboy (Marlboro man))

Formerly known as Nec3f on the AOL SDMB

Reminds me of the Newport ads. Evidently, the people having fun in these ads are the racial opposite of those who smoke the brand.

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Check out John Leo’s exposé of the Newport ads in his book “One Step Ahead of the Thought Police” (I think I have the title right). The article was originally published in Spy in the early 90s.

Sure, in a backhanded manner. I don’t like or drink water unless it’s encased in Diet Pepsi or coffee. But beer? Yuck. Beer has not tasted good since I was 6 years old stealing sips out of my dad’s bottle.

I think that pornography should be allowed on TV as long they don’t show the actual ejaculation.

RE Taste of beer

Sometimes the taste of lager reminds me of a mouthful of churned up salty sea water. And dark ales taste a little like soy sauce. You’d think that would bother me (and so would I) but I’m not put off by it. I can, however, understand why some people don’t like the taste.

I dislike beer so much, I don’t even like beer bread.

When I was at a bar with a home-brewer, he pointed out that it was probably the flavor of hops that I didn’t like. He got a bottle of hopless beer. Sure enough, it wasn’t bad at all.