Thieving workers/guest

I hope someone can give me a straight answer here as I can’t seem to find one. My mother allowed a couple to do work on and in her house. They stole all of her valuable jewelry, tried to get credit cards in moms name and stole boxes of things that had been packed away for years that belonged to people now deceased that my mother inherited. They even stole her holiday decorations and lights.
She is 79 yrs and has alot of stuff and the woman was being payed to help her clean an organize her home. The man who turned out to be a registered sex offender was to do carpentry work was envolved and enjoyed the money that they received from selling her jewlery.
I got them arrested because he was using my mom’s address and failed to register as a sex offender there.
They gave mom big sob story and she trusted them. I finally got the woman arrested yesterday for an outstanding warrant. But… the police told me tonight that the theft is a civil matter because she allowed them to live over 13 day in her home. They were there 7 weeks but it was because they’re alleged home was 100 miles away and too far to drive back in forth to work. They left weekly for 2 to 3 days. But the woman used her address but not with mom’s permission. Mom didn’t know because they were bringing mom’s mail in while helping themselves to her personal information and also getting their own mail.
Is what the police told me true and is the only resource we have is civil court which is basically none at all?

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(Sorry to learn about what happened to your mom.)

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Is your Mom willing to testify against them? Or not?

Were there any other visitors, in and out of the house during the time this couple was there? If so, how exactly will you demonstrate conclusively that it was these two, with sticky fingers?

These would seem to be very pertinent questions with regards to whether or not to move forward. It’s hard to offer you any substantive advice without knowing the answers to these two questions.

I am not a lawyer, but what you are describing might fall under the area of elder abuse.

If you live in a city and it is the city police, go to the county sheriff’s office and file a complaint that your local police are not doing their job.

And go see your district attorney and ask them to prosecute.

If they don’t do anything, call the local TV news.

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