Thimbleweed Park - an adventure game from Ron Gilbert

Anyone else playing? It plays like Maniac Mansion, where you control multiple characters.

The game is straight-up a imitation of early 1990’s adventure games. It looks like one, plays like one, and feels like one. The main differences are that it has full voice acting and better sound effects.

I’m very early on in the game, just an hour and a half. It’s great so far. I’m surprisingly into the story and the gameplay is great. I haven’t laughed a ton, but it is pretty amusing.

Here is a trailer.

I feel this was the game Broken Age backers were expecting. Very charming adventure game throwback. I was intrigued by the mystery though it was put on the backburner for long while the game took a lot of time introducing characters and their backstories. There was some proper puzzles in this one that didn’t feel watered down for a more modern playerbase. I truly enjoyed the characters and the story until we got to the end.


The bullshit meta story of a game within a game is some of the most lazy writing I’ve seen in awhile. Barely a step above “it was all a dream” or “they were dead the entire time and it was purgatory all along.” I genuinely got a little upset and as a result immediately lost interest in the resolution to character arcs I, a moment earlier, truly enjoyed and felt invested in.

The ending ruined the game for me. This kinda shit hasn’t been original since well before The Matrix.

Yeah, I kick-started it, and my name is in the phonebook (but I missed getting my answering machine message in by two days. :frowning: ) Finished it over the weekend. Fun game, and exactly what I wanted from it, although they could have dialed back some of the self-references to the genre. I get the game was supposed to be kind of meta, but the meta-ness could have been spaced out a little more judiciously. (I actually enjoyed the ending, unlike the poster above.)

Otherwise, great. I was sorely disappointed with Broken Age. None of the puzzles in that game were remotely difficult. This one had a few places where the puzzles were challenging, but nothing illogical. Took me 15 hours to finish.

ALthough a quick question to Uosdwis R. Dewoh:

When I got the balloon at the end, I went immediately to the body and used it on the body (remembering the initial Kickstarted video) and started the ending sequence where you play in wireframe world. Now, my other characters never ticked off the final items on their to-do lists. For example, the ghost character still didn’t “escape into eternity” or whatever it was, and I’m pretty sure Ransome, Ray, and Reyes, still had stuff in their notebooks like “clear my dad’s name” and whatever the other random leftover tasks were. Are these tasks completable? Or are there multiple endings? When I finished the game, I got all the credits, and my Steam account had a badge showing that I won the game on hard, but I kind of felt like there were some loose ends. For example, with the ghost character, can you steal that orb on the balcony away from Xavier?

I can’t say about multiple endings but you can finish all playable characters To Do lists. You can get the orb. Didn’t get all the specks of dust though. I probably missed some.

Absolutely. Very disappointed in Broken Age, but am finding this one to be excellent.

Let’s keep spoilers closed, too. I’m trying to play totally spoiler-free.

OK, I went back and finished all the tasks. Feels more complete now. When I finished the first time, all my characters were still in game world, while this time around, Delores was the only one left.

By the way, did you check out the mansion in wireframe world? I didn’t the first time, but noticed it was navigable to my second time through.