The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

I just started playing this on Steam. Only $20.

They got the atmosphere right, xist it’s creepy as all hell. I keep looking over my shoulder. The music, the wind all of the ambient noise. The graphics are pretty as well.

Worth a look if you like mysteries.

It was a really good game in the Walking Simulator genre (and I don’t mean that genre title as an insult).

The major problems is that only one or two puzzles are at all complex, and they blew all their creativity on the “solving the murders” thing with the first one. After that they become extremely straightforward.

The map is also really linear. I missed one of the hidden puzzles, so I had to backtrack through pretty much the entire game to find it so I could complete the game. It wasn’t fun.

The mines are pretty cool though.

The ending is also kind of bollocks

I’m just walking around right, haven’t started searching for the crank yet. I was so caught up in the mood I had to take a quick break.

We played through it at work. It would have been much better without the puzzles. The story is interesting enough that the puzzles are a distraction. (Even though, as puzzles go, they’re well-designed.) Also the writing isn’t great, and the voice acting is pretty bad.

It’s definitely worth playing though. There are some interesting moments, and the world is quite beautiful.

To avoid backtracking … don’t cross the dam until you have:

  1. Found all the traps near the starting area.
  2. Finished the events triggered by the four-light train signal.

I can’t remember who but someone on this forum worked on that game. It looks cool!