Things about your own self that even you don't know (but probably should)

I don’t know my own blood type.
I don’t know what my eyesight rating is. (as in 20/20)
I don’t know what percentage of my weight is body fat.
I don’t know my cholesterol level.
I don’t know my IQ.

What don’t you know about yourself?

I don’t know when I’ll die.

I also don’t know my blood type
I don’t know my blood mix (irsh, dutch ect.)
I don’t know the size of my spleen

thats all I can think of at the moment
I’m sure I’ll remeber more later

I KNOW my bloodtype (O+ like most Caucasians)
I KNOW what my bone-density is (surprisingly high given my family’s predisposition towards osteoporosis)
I KNOW what my vision is (lousy)
I KNOW what my IQ could be if I tried harder!

And I DON’T want to know what my cholesterol count is thank-you-very-much. I’ve got enough to worry about without having to watch every chip, pizza slice and chicken drumstick going into my gob.
Some things are better NOT known.

The sad thing is, I should know my blood type, because I’ve been told many times. I just can’t remember it.
I also don’t remember if I am rH positive or negative. I just know I had to have shots after some of my babies.
I don’t know my I.Q., my cholesterol level, or my body fat either. Not sure I want to know those last two…it might mean giving up Doritos.

Who out there does know their blood type? I asked my mom once, and she was clueless. That’s something I always expected moms to know, not thier kids, seeing as how most times when you’d be in an accident, it’d be your mom telling the medic everything about you, not you because you were unconciouse from trying to jump your friend’s dad’s car with you bike unsuccessfully.

I don’t know the exact time of my birth. I had a lot of friends who knew the exact minute and whatnot. That’s kinda creepy.

I don’t know all my parents’ relatives. I recently met my dad’s sister for the first time in FIFTEEN YEARS this past New Year’s. I didn’t even remember he had a sister or a brother until around that time. And my mom was number 12 in her family, and although some of ther siblings died before I was born, it’d still be nice to know the ones that are alive.

I don’t know how much time it takes to boil rice or a hot dog.

I don’t know how to break dance properly.

I don’t know the names of most popular bands or the names of any songs of bands I do like.

I don’t know what’s been wrong with my groin for the past five months, I think that’s the most annoying one.

I’m getting closer each date, but I still don’t know my parents’ exact birthdays.

I’ll stop there.

Actually, I do know my blood type, but that’s only because I had a bad enough accident that I was typed.

El Elvis Rojo, what DO you know?:smiley:

Break-dancing afterall is a vital thing to know ya’ know, as is boiling rice (you put it in a pot with water, light the stove and wait for the fire alarm to turn off…then it’s cooked)

And I’m not sure whether to ask about your groin, but I will anyway…
Whaaaaazup with your ‘nether’ regions?

I do know my blood type (I’m a registered donor).
I do know my approximate IQ (unless the teachers lied).
I even know my cholesterol count (sickeningly healthy despite all my best efforts t’ the contrary).


I don’t know exactly what tomorrow will bring.
I don’t know when the next asteroid will strike the planet, big enough to wipe out a country, at least.
I don’t know what the dinosaurs and other extinct wonders looked like exactly, apart from stuffed relics in museums.
And … I have never heard any of your voices.

Nah … ignore that last post. I’m half-awake, and more mushy-headed than usual.

I also know my blood type (o- universal donor), IQ, and cholesterol level.

I don’t know…

my mother’s father’s name
my birthstone
where that funky smell is coming from in my house
how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

I don’t know when the dusty,half-empty jar of Marshmallow Fluff
way back in the kitchen cabinet actually arrived…or when it will once again order me to kill.

Yep, that’s how I know mine. A+

Me neither.

20 minutes for rice. Bring the water to a boil, put in the rice, cover and set heat down to very low. Don’t know about boiling hot dogs, but it takes 40 seconds in the microwave!

Let me guess - The Red Elvises? I don’t know any of their songs, either.

Whew, got me on those two!

My blood type is A-

I was born at 6:13 am, it’s on my birth certificate.

Okay, got me on this one, my mom stopped talking to her brother when their mother died. I was 14 and have never heard from that part of the family since, which was 26 years ago. There must have been some events of which I am unaware (new cousins, second cousins (they’re Mormons, odd are high)).

It takes 20 minutes for rice to cook, after it’s come to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer. How long it takes to come to a boil is variable. Always steam or grill hotdogs, boiling is overkill. With hotdogs you cook them until they are hot. Duh.

There is no way to break dance properly.

** Need more info, like some lyrics, to help you there.


You’ve probably pulled it too often. But seriously, it’s your groin man! Hie thee to thy physician!


They’ve asked me not to tell. But my parents’ birthdays are 22 Feb 1935 and 15 Jun 1937. They were married on 24 Jul 1960.

**I’ll stop there. **

Jinx, buy me a coke!

Technically not a simulpost, but I didn’t see your post first (because of the lagtime on preview). I’m just glad that you didn’t post the same date for parents’ birthdays.

I don’t know my blood type exactly. I know it’s B of some kind, though (it would be so cool to have B-, just on principle). I have no clue about my body fat and cholesterol percentages, lung capacity, IQ and the exact mixing of my lineage (I know I’m more German than Polish, and about a third Polish, with a lot of other bunches of peoples thrown in there for internationality’s sake, but that’s as far as it goes).

I don’t know the maximum volume of my scream, the maximum speed I can sprint on level ground and how many G’s I can withstand before blacking out. I don’t know my volume, either - any Dopers have an Archimedes tank handy?

I know my blood type, it’s O positive. I also know my phenotype which is what major blood group antigens I do and do not possess. So now I know what antibodies it’s possible for me to develop should I ever get transfused.

This is because I got bored one night while working in Blood Bank. :slight_smile:

Due to being bored in other areas of the lab I actually know quite a bit about my own body chemistry but I don’t know my IQ.

Might be for the best though.

I didn’t kow my IQ and it kind of bothered me. So I arbitrarily decided that my IQ is 266. Then I decided that I was quite clever to come up with that idea - so my IQ must be 266!

Circular logic you say? I say if you’re smart enough, you can get away with using circular logic!

I could give you a much shorter list of stuff I do know.

I have no idea about cholesterol, blood type, how to cook without the instructions on the box, algebra, chemistry, the meaning of life, why there’s no word that rhymes with orange (or silver, month, and purple, for that matter), how to keep a girlfriend, why I’m so damned short, and the list goes on and on.