finally figured it out

During a conversation about baseball with my friends the other day, I finally realized why I get in trouble with my girlfriend, when I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.
It turns out I’m not in trouble for what I do or don’t do, I’m in trouble for what I know and don’t know. Here’s some examples:

I know -
Lou Gehrig of the New York Yankees went to Columbia University to be an engineer.
I don’t know -
Where my GF’s school is.

I know -
In 1908, Fred Merkle of the New York Giants was called out for not touching 2nd base, negating the winning run vs the Chicago Cubs, ultimately resulting in the Giants losing the National League Pennant to the Cubs.
I don’t know -
My GF’s mailing address. (I know how to get to her house, just not the number on the front of it)

I know -
Yogi Berra of the New York Yankees hit a homerun in his first major league at bat.
I don’t know -
What my GF and I did on our first date.

I know -
The first All-Star Game was played on July 6, 1933 at Chicago’s Comiskey Park,
I don’t know -
My GF’s birthday. Sometime in late June, maybe early July. It’s definitely a summer month.

I know -
In 1938, left-handed pitcher Johnny Vander Meer of the Cincinatti Reds became the only pitcher to throw back to back no-hitters.
I don’t know -
The name of my GFs sister, who I just met 2 days ago.

So now that I know the problem I can take steps to correct it and then – oh, gotta go, The Cards are playing the Astros in 5 minutes!

I have no idea why, but I would have to say that you have typed what strikes me as one of the funniest lines I have seen on this board.

At least you have a girlfriend.

And more importantly, how did the cards do?


Why bother with a girlfriend? Get yourself a subscription to Hustler or Playboy and a blow up doll.

Need2know…is wondering if you know what color her eyes are.

Brat, you really crack me up! LOL! I love baseball also, but not that much. And, as another female, may I respectfully suggest you learn these things? Particularly her birthday and your anniversary (yes, whether or not you know it, you do have one!).

Look at it this way: you’re embarking on a new adventure, and have to learn your way through the obstacles. :smiley:

Yes, eye color is a very important thing to know! Write yourself notes, if you have to. :wink:

Re: the third thing on the list of what you don’t know

A couple weeks ago I bought a used videotape (T2, if you want to know) and brought it home. Showed it to SO cygnus, who said “Cool,” then I asked if he knew what was special about it. He studied the box with furrowed brow, obviously making an effort, bless his little heart. I told him it was the movie we’d seen on our first official date, and then proceeded to fill in a few more little tidbits of detail about the occasion. He was pleased to hear it, and said that was one of the things he enjoys about me, that I can remember all those type of things. And frankly, I kind of get a kick out of reminding him about stuff he’s forgotten, because it’s like creating a memory all over again. (Well, in his case, kind of like re-creating it for the first time.)

He does have my birthday down (it’s two of his “lucky” numbers) and our anniversary (it’s a regular holiday) and my eye color (he’d better, after all these years) - but in all seriousness (for which I beg forgiveness, since everyone’s pretty funny so far) I think it does take time to absorb and retain such things. I couldn’t get his siblings and their families straight until I had written them all down in their appropriate groupings a few times. Since your gf/bfness is presumably not quite of such a long term as our SOness yet, I say you still deserve some slack.

Any equivalent gaps in her knowledge about you? The name of your beloved childhood pet, maybe?

I know exactly how you feel, Bratman. I can’t remember whutshernames birthday either.

Wow, look at the time! Gotta run, Belgium-Italy is going to start soon!

I do know her eye color! They are definitely greenish-blue-sort-of-a-hazel-brown thing going on there.

Ok, so I’m not positive about the eye color, but do I get bonus points for knowing she has two of them?

BTW, I’m pretty sure they’re green, just not positive.

Wow… I knew just about everything a guy is supposed to know about my XGF… eye color, birthday, ‘anniversary’… which is coming up next week (sob).

Maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong… So if I just don’t bother to remember these things, it’ll work better next time? What about gifts… should I stop buying gifts as well? I must’ve had this thing all backwards. No wonder I haven’t gotten laid in almost 2 years.

Oh shit. I didn’t say that out loud, did I?


It’s been my experience that as soon as I figured out what I was/wasn’t supposed to know/do in the eyes of a SO…they changed the rules! :slight_smile:
Birthdays always screw me up…ever give a GF a birthday present on a different GF’s birthday? DON’T (I still have the scars from the frying pan. Whoops) I didn’t even get points for remembering a birthday. So what if it wasn’t hers? :smiley:

I’d be pretty pissed if my boyfriend didn’t know when my birthday was or what color my eyes were. That’s just lack of interest on your part! No offense but you really need to pay more attention to detail. It’s no wonder your girlfriend gets mad at you. Have you been dating long? If you’ve only been dating for a month you can still redeem yourself. If you’ve been dating for over a month… you’re in trouble! Good luck!

Ok, some people have taken my statements literally instead of as the exaggerations that (some of them) were to prove a point. I know my GFs birthday, it’s June 25, 1978. I just thought the way I said it was funnier.

I’m not sure on the eye-color, but I’m pretty sure it’s green. (BTW, I thought men weren’t supposed to care about physical beauty, which is how I classify eye color, why is eye color so important anyway? It’s not like I’m ever going to buy her shoes based on whether or not they’ll look good with the color of her eyes.)

And, before all the ladies out there think I’m an insensitive pig for not knowing some of this stuff, the point of the OP was 1)to be funny and 2)to draw attention to the fact that sometimes men pay attention to the wrong things.

Don’t I get a little credit for realizing this on my own instead of having to be told by my GF?

I don’t know the color of her eyes. I’m colorblind. I don’t know the color of my eyes.

Color of my eyes - my ex-husband when filling out the paperwork for my dependent ID card put down I had Blue eyes - mine are Brown!!! Talk about being a little peeved - dated for 5 years and then married and he doesn’t know my eye color - geesh!! Guess its no wonder we’re divorced…
so be forewarned!! :slight_smile:

C’est la vie!

Ok, I’ve done some research and have narrowed down her eyes color to either blue or green. It doesn’t help that she wears tinted contact lenses.

But really, ladies, what is the big deal about knowing what color your eyes are? Isn’t it better to have a man who treats you well but doesn’t remember details about you, than having a man who may treat you like a dog but knows everything from your natural hair color to your 3rd grade teacher?

Look at it from a man’s point of view. When was the last time your man got upset because you didn’t know his favorite color?

Bah… eye color is too hard to remember… especially with girls, because you might think they’re one color, like blue… but they’re really hazel or something that’s pretty much the same thing…

This rule also applies to hair color.

Wooo, point for dook!

damnit brat, now you’re just tryin to make me look bad :wink:

-dook, the one who treats you well AND is a magnet for the personal information in question. :slight_smile:

Her birthday’s June 25th? That might be kinda hard to remember. Can you get her to change it to the same day as the All Star game every year? Then you’re sure to have something planned all special and everything. Watching the game.

Tried talking to my wife while we were at a minor-league game once. She told me to shut up–she was watching the game.

Yes…well ask her if she knows the 13 ways that a pitcher can commit a balk.*

Then, you’ll be “evens”.

*I made the number up. And if she does know, take her to Vegas. Marry her instantly. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

But do go see a Las Vegas Stars game on your honeymoon. :smiley:

DRY - You scared me with that, I thought there was something about baseball I didn’t know!

dropzone - what’s the matter with you? Trying to have a conversation during a game, that’s just not right. Don’t post here again untio you learn the proper etiquette while watching a sporting event. :wink:

Seriously though, ladies, I’d like to know what’s so important about some of that stuff. So what if I don’t know her sister’s name. I know my GFs name at least. Or why should I remember what we did on our first date? At least I remember when it was (December 11, 1999).

The importance of birthdays I understand, especially since mine was forgotten earlier this year (by my parents!!) And as I said earlier, that thing about her b-day was a joke. Not only do I know it, I’ve already bought her presents.

Basically, since I’ve gotten a couple responses from women warning me that I need to know this information, my question is why? What makes it so important, and how do I separate what is important for me to know and what isn’t?

This goes both ways by the way ladies, just the other day I was joking around with my GF and asked her who the greatest 2nd basemen to ever play the game was. I also told her it wasn’t anyone who played in the Major Leagues. When she finally gave up and said she didn’t know, I had to remind her I played second base from 4th grade till my senior year in high school, and even for my AF base team. Even though I had mentioned the pride of my youth many times and lamented the fact that I should’ve accepted the college scholarship to play ball, she forgot what position I played. I admit, not remembering little detials about your SO is upsetting, but I didn’t start crying and yell, “How could you possibly not remember when I’ve told you so many times?!”