Things are so much more interesting when you're tired.

Well, it’s around 2230 here and I’m dead on my chair. I can barely read (a good sign to log off, but I’m stubborn that way). Or write. Anyway, I’m laughing my ass off at a site full of completely braindead humor: Japanese Engrish, a few pages full of images of how badly the Japanese can mangle English. Why the Japanese would have English on their packaging in the first place is completely beyond me. It isn’t like we have mangled Farsi on our packages. Anyway, this stuff is so nonsensical it makes the brain balk. You try to comprehend it, fall flat on your face, and laugh like a moron. Anyway, I thought I’d share this little nugget from the Seas of the Random Internet, whose Domain Names are Without End, and whose IPs shall forever reshuffle, Allelujiah, So mote it be, nemA.

Its about 5:05 right now, and Homer linked me to that site you mentioned, a few hours ago. I swear, I have never seen anything funnier. Theres another site too, about this guy who goes to Japan and document his experiences.

Its appropriatly entitled “Tall Blonde Guy Goes To Japan.”

Also, now that I stare at it even more, Homer’s new cd cover looks very evil. Atfirst I thought it was hilarious. But, now its evil, and I’m rabling.