Any Other "Engrish"-like Sites?

I enjoy Engrish, check it every few days or so (about one in five submissions are really funny). The site’s not racist, in my opinion, as the humor does not derive from “aren’t the Japanese funny”—it’s simply mistranslated English, and would work as well in German, French, whatever (though I’ll admit the title “Engrish” might be a bit ill-chosen).

But. What I want to know is, do you know of any similar sites, of hilariously awful translations, signs, etc.? I remember a NYT piece about ten years ago on mistakes in menus that gave me the hiccups it was so funny.

How about a book? I know National Lampoon’s Big Book of True Facts has some unintentionally funny signs. Their True Facts website probably does too but I don’t know for sure because it keeps shutting down my IE and I don’t have any other options here anymore.

The bootleg Lord of the Rings DVD mistranslations are always good for a laugh.

Fellowship of the Ring

Two Towers

Return of the King