Things good for you in theory that you still do too much of

Or that you have to stop yourself from doing too much of.

For me, it’s checking my blood sugar. My diabetes was diagnosed last year after a swift and preciptious decline in my visual acuity, followed by a trip to the hospital when my doctor looked at my blood sugar, turned white, checked it again, and turned whiter. That put the fear of God in me about keeping it under control, let me tell you, and I’m religious about taking my meds, getting daily treadmill time, avoiding sweets, etc.

But I have to keep reminding myself NOT to check my blood sugar constantly, particularly as I don’t have insurance now. Even the cheap strips from Walgreens are 50 cents a pop, and I have an inclination to check my glucose levels more than is meaningful. Six times a day (for tight control) is one thing. But because I’m so fearful of losing my sight, I’m tempted to do even more, and I have to remind myself that there’s no point to getting up, checking my blood sugar first thing and seeing that it’s okay, then checking it again half an hour after breakfast. The second reading gives me no useful information and is basically throwing away a strip.

What about the rest of you? What’s good for you in theory that you have to remind yourself not to OVERdo?

Eating? :wink: Seriously, I generally eat pretty well, but even eating the right things can be bad if you just eat because you’re bored.

Gardening is going to kill me one day. In fact, it almost did when I took hold of that wild raspberry brambly thing and pulled. Oops.

Reading thread title with inexplicable typo of “could” for “good.”


Whew, I’m glad I’m not the only one who was confused by the title.

Drinking green tea. I started drinking it for the health benefits but now I really like it and, if I’m not strict with myself, I’ll drink four pots a day. And then I can’t sleep at all (not to mention, most of the studies on the health benefits of green tea looked at people who drank maybe two cups a day, not pots…)

Milk. It’s good for you, to a point.

I pass that point and wave as I go by.

I thought green tea was caffine free.

I, too, am a tea addict, but I drink the high-test stuff: black and orange peko. It’s literally all I drink. I guess I could use the anti-oxidents as an excuse, but no, I really just* like* it.

Nope, definitely has caffiene. In fact, IIRC, it has even more than black-orange tea given the same concentration. Just that green is stronger-tasting so is usually steeped less so might have the same or even less caffiene in the end.

No, it’s usually lower in caffeine than coffee or most black teas but it still has caffeine. And eight ouce cup of green tea has between 15-60mg caffeine (most charts say 30mg but it varies by variety), compared to 135mg for caffee, 60mg for black tea, and 50mg for cola. So if I drink four pots (four cups), I’m still getting a fair amount…

Heathy eating. Yes, you should try to eat heathy, but some people carry it to the extreme, like the vegan who won’t go to his relative’s house on Thanksgiving because they insist on having a turkey.

Better pizza and ice cream with friends than bean sprouts and tofu by yourself.

Yes, Annie dear, but are these things YOU do? :dubious:

Checking the door locks. Checking the stove burners. Clipping coupons. General thriftyness. There’s a fine line between conscientiousness and neurosis.

Limiting my food intake. I’ve lost over 150 pounds in the past eighteen months by eating healthier and in smaller amounts but I sometimes get carried away with it and only take vitamins and either water or other “zero calorie” fluids once or twice a month.

Actually, thinking about it now, I’ve not had more than a bite of food all day today and while I do plan on eating with my father in an hour, it will be my only meal of the day except maybe a bag of popcorn later if I really need a snack.

I once heard that masturbation was good for you because it relived pressure on your prostate…

…just sayin’. :wink:

missed being first with that answer by what, 10 minutes? ::mutter::

I tend to exercise too much if I’m bored.

Addtionally, I’ll restrict caloric intake beyond what is probably healthy.