Name one of your good health habits, and one bad one

Bad: I only ever drink coffee and wine, so I’m always dehydrated.

Good: I brush my teeth a lot.

Bad: I love to eat food that I know is bad for me.

Good: I excercise a lot and I’m in excellent health and shape.

Good: I wash my hands a lot

Bad: I never floss

Pretty much what Whiteknight said.

Good: I’m a workout fiend.

Bad: My diet is 90% well balanced and healthy, it’s the other 40% that’s the problem.

Good: I’m a vegan that runs at least 4 times a week.

Bad: I smoke and I can drink you under the table. Or until I’m under one.

Good: I’m a vegan, too!

Bad: I drink quite a bit and not light beers, either.

Good: I’m reasonably fit and don’t live on fatty junk

Bad: I smoke like a train and drink like a fish

Good: I exercise every single day, unless I’m sick.

Bad: I eat too much.

I don’t smoke drink and I do walk every day.

I’m not crazy about eating, and my favorite foods are coffee and sweet stuff.

Good: I don’t eat too much junk.

Bad: I don’t exercise enough.

I’m going to have to steal that line. :slight_smile:

Good: I eat a very healthful and balanced diet. (My weight is ideal.)

Bad: I love beer. I drink probably 24 pints a week. In fact I’m heading out for lunch and 2 or 3 pints with some friends right now.

Good: I have an excellent diet and exercise regularly.
Bad: I don’t see the dentist or doctor as much as I should.

Good: I’m a vegetarian.
Bad: I love sweets and tea FAR too much.

Good: I exercise regularly
Bad: I don’t floss.

You also don’t keep up on current news…

Good: I tend to avoid most foods that are bad for me.
Bad: I don’t exercise enough, I drink, I spend too much time on the computer, I’m experiencing chronic pain and just living with it, and I think I may be on my way to developing some sort of chronic depression.

Good: I workout fairly regularly and for the most part, eat healthily.

Bad: I smoke cigarettes.

I eat whole-grain breads and pasta exclusively

I don’t brush my teeth.

Ever? Seriously? Whoosh?

Just one of each? Sorry, can’t do it.

I work out at the gym regularly.
I go to the dentist every 6 months, get a complete physical every year with bloodwork and the whole 9, and see a dermatologist annually.
I eat a balanced diet.
I brush my teeth 2x/day (used to do it 3x, until a dentist told me the 3rd time was probably doing more harm than good.)
I don’t smoke.
I wash my hands several times a day.

I drink more than I should.
I floss 2x/year (yes, the morning of a dentist appointment).
I often have a hankering for a snack around 10:00 p.m., so on ‘healthy’ nights it’s a bunch of cheese & crackers, and on ‘unhealthy’ nights it’s a row of Oreos.
I frequently stay up until 3-4 in the morning drinking wine and surfing for porn. Makes it hard to be at work at 7:30.
I only eat fruit maybe once a month, and I only eat veggies if my wife makes them as part of dinner.
I don’t take vitamins.

The not-brushing-teeth thing make me gag a little.