How horrible are your eating habits?

It seems like confessional threads are all the rage these days, so…

I don’t want to hear about the one cupcake you ate 3 years ago. I’m talking about regular, daily, eating habits that would probably get you jail time in California.

When I eat lunch at work, I get a healthy meal, usually 2 servings of meat (usually baked chicken or beef,) 2-3 servings of veggies, 1-2 servings of rice (often mixed with brown,) and sometimes fruit.

When I eat at home, my usual meal is:
2-5 servings of red meat with 3-5 servings of white rice. Period. This week, I’m alternating my beef with pork chops. Costco cuts. A-1 is a veggie, right? Lots of that too. Oh, I also usually fry all my meat. In margarine. My cholesterol level is somewhere near 275, but hey, that’s why they make fiber pills, right?

Oh, if I don’t eat at work, I either skip the meal totally and then binge at home, or eat a candy bar with my noon coffee. If I’m off work, I eat instant noodles, microwave pizza, or Hot Pockets.

What constitutes a serving in your mind? Because that seems like an awful large amount of food/meat. On the other hand, if you’re looking at things in terms of ounces/grams, I’m probably up there with you.

My confession: I tend to have a sweet tooth and will gorge on candy when I get a chance, although I’m trying to break that habit.

I skip breakfast, always. People say that’s bad, but it doesn’t bother me. Two meals a day is enough - lunch and dinner. I’m 40 years old and in pretty good health.

I’m off and on as far as eating healthy meals. I came in to confess something else.

I worked in a call center and had just 1/2 hour for lunch so I developed a horrible habit of eating very quickly so that I’d have time to smoke a cig outside after eating.

I have to consciously eat slowly now. I’m embarassed if I finish before others, so I make it a point to stop to drink and then sit for a moment between mouthfuls of food.

I’m breaking the habit, but I regress sometimes at home alone with a book.

I eat cheese, chips, sandwiches, nachos, fried rice, pizza…I live on take-out.

My eating habits are pretty freakin’ awful. They should be a Guide on How Not To Eat. I salt everything, even grilled chese sandwiches. I think salt is actually a dip. I will pour salt on a corner of my plate and treat it like dressing.

I do like healthy food…salads, veggies, etc…but I’m lazy and they require work.

It’s rather remarkable that I’m still maintaining a healhy weight and blood pressure. I’m still waiting for the clock to run out.

It’s not a meal without cheese.

I don’t usually eat breakfast (I’m just not generally hungry in the morning), but at least once a week I find that I have a meeting that will go through lunch, so I’ll run out to get something beforehand. That “something” is almost invariably a Dunkin Donut’s sausage, egg and cheese on a croissant or biscuit. I try really hard not to do that more than once a week, though.

Baked goods are my sweets downfall. I can walk by the candy bowl all day, it just doesn’t call to me, but put a brownie down in my vicinity, even if it’s the world’s crappiest brownie, and I’m all over it.

I also skip breakfast, especially now that I’m laid off- it’s intentional. I know they say you make up the calories later, but since I drink 3-4 cups of coffee with half/half- I figure that adding breakfast would make it really hard to keep from gaining weight while I sit on the couch writing and avoiding my job search.

Other than that, I think I eat fairly healthy- I usually have salad,pasta or ramen with veggies for lunch, and for dinner I have probably 1 1/2-2 servings of meat, heavy on the veggies (broccoli more often than not) and one serving of potatoes or pasta.

The big sin is what happens after dinner- 2 or so servings of rum mixed with diet coke. So far this has actually resulted in loss of about 5 lbs over the last three months- so I know if I cut out the rum (or the half & half- don’t make me choose!), I’d be losing more, but right now it’s about maintaining my mental health ;). I exercise about 3 times a week, walking while I work dogs, but that’s not really significant. I have very low blood pressure but could lose about 40-50 lbs.

90% of my diet is well balanced and healthy. The other 40% is the problem.

Aw crap, are we counting booze?

At work, I hold the record for eating 18 tamales during a 15 minute break. I normally eat around a dozen. At home for a single meal, I may eat a box of Hamburger Helper, a Red Baron pizza, or something along those lines. I often go out for fast food because I don’t feel like grocery shopping. At work, I mostly drink water. At home, I may drink fruit juice, which sometimes has rum mixed in, or I may have whiskey and 7up or beer or even straight whiskey. Anyone got that beaten?

I’m a fellow saltaholic. I salt everything. Have you ever tried salt on pancakes or waffles with syrup? It sounds nasty but it’s surprisingly delicious. The salt really brightens the flavor of the syrup.

Sorry, I don’t have much to confess. We’ve been tracking our daily food consumption and exercise for almost six months now, and I eat quite healthy and exercise almost every day (walking is my poison). I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t drink caffeine, I eat low sodium, and I keep my daily food consumption within the limits for a slow, gradual weight loss. My biggest failing is not eating enough fruits and vegetables.

For rice, a typical scoop. For meat/veggies, 4-5 ounces/serving. The costco cut of beef or two porkchops is around a pound and a half, raw.

I’m not sure what my eating habits are. When I shop for groceries my choices are largely influenced by what’s marked down and by how much, and when I go out I tend to order something that looks like it would taste good and be filling but is on the bottom half of the menu price-wise. I guess that makes me an opportunistic omnivore. The practical effect is that I rarely dine on skinless chicken breasts and organic artisan vegetables, nor do I consume fatted goose liver, cheesecake, and rum toddies. I tend to stay away from “empty calories” (e.g., candy, soft drinks, ice cream) for frugality as much as health.

I’m male, middle-aged, and look fairly trim with clothes on.

I only eat one meal each day (supper) and I drink too much wine and vodka. I’m a pescatarian (vegetarian who eats seafood.) I’m 5’2" and 108 pounds and have excellent blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I just need to firm up my belly!

Well I wake up at 7am and make a 12 cup pot of coffee. I drink that with skim throughout the morning. Then around 1 or so I’ll have a granola bar or cookies. At 10pm when my husband gets home we have dinner which 1 day out of 5 is some sort of take out meal. On his days off we go out for breakfast (bacon and eggs) I’ll make lunch and then we’ll go out for dinner. It’s really horrible, no water, nothing fresh. It makes me feel a little sick to think about it actually.

The weird thing is that my daughter eats a great diet. Fruit and yogurt for breakfast, eggs brown toast and veggies for lunch and chicken and rice and veg for dinner. I just can’t seems to get myself to eat during the week.

I don’t drink. I really should have a glass of red wine.

I used to be an extremely healthy eater, but since I had my daughter three weeks ago, all bets are off. I’ve been eating cookies and takeout like they’re going out of style. Unfortunately, I burn enough calories from breastfeeding that I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes already, which gives me no incentive to eat more healthfully. I’ve rejoined Weight Watchers to keep myself in check.

My eating habits are atrocious. I am 5’2" and weigh at least 210. This isn’t due to a thyroid issue or anything. I am fat because of my eating habits.

I am a binger but not a purger (mentally incapable of puking - even if I wanted to, which I don’t).

I eat a large amount of fruit and vegetables. I eat wheat pasta and brown rice. I eat a lot of skinless chicken and pork. The rare times when I eat red meat, it’s lean. I don’t use a lot of salt.
But, I will binge even if there’s nothing in the house that I want to binge on. I love candy and will eat it nonstop til it’s all gone. If we have nothing but healthy food, I will binge on produce until my bowels feel like they’ve liquified (the bowels themselves, not their contents).
My normal day starts out with a bowl of cereal (cheerios, rice krispies, corn flakes) and a banana with a glass of OJ. Lunch is generally a PB sandwich (natural, unsalted) and a large glass of fresh juice consisting of at least two veggies and 3 fruit.

After lunch is the problem. Why is it that I can make it til lunch without the desire to eat but around 2 pm I start eating everything in sight, even if I don’t want it?

I’m very tempted to get hypnotized. Anyone know if it works? I quit smoking cold turkey. Why can’t I stop binging?

Anyway, my boyfriend just handed me a picture from 10 years ago (when I was fresh out of high school and was very insecure about my size). I realized that I was practically skinny! I only weighed about 145 in that picture. I stuck it up on the fridge.

I eat a lot of junk. Meals, if you can call them that, frequently consist of breakfast cereal. Or potato chips. Or a candy bar. I also have a problem with eating whatever is around the house, so I make an effort to keep the cupboards relatively bare.

The weird thing is I can actually cook pretty well, I’m just incredibly lazy when it comes to cooking for one. When I’m home alone, the most labor-intensive meal I can be bothered with is a frozen pizza.

For the record, I am slightly overweight, but I workout 4x-5x a week to (try to) combat my crappy eating habits.