Ask the crappy eater!

So, I was thinking about it today and I realized that I may be the world’s crappiest eater! No really - I think I am.

I don’t eat breakfast.
I rarely eat lunch.
Sometimes I’ll eat dinner, which usually consists of toast with peanut butter and a handful of nuts.
I eat out at least 4 times a week.
I can eat my body weight in cotton candy, and cotton candy is light and fluffy, so that’s tonnes!
I buy fruit and veg and they rot in my fridge.
I prepair healthy foods to freeze to reheat and throw them out after about 2 years worth of freezer burn.

So - anyone want to ask me any questions?

(Or maybe just commiserate about your crappy diet?:))

Hey, I’ve got you beat. I lived real healthy and shit. Excellent diet, daily exercise, the works. Then I got ill, had surgery and dropped 10 kg. My stomach still isn’t working right, and probably never will be. Now my days come in two varieties: the ones where I eat out and gorge myself on whatever comes in my way, and the ones where I barely eat anything 'cause I forget to. It’s roughly 50-50. So far it’s balanced out and I’m keeping my ideal weight, knock on wood.

I dunno - I think that my actively eschewing healthy food in favour of eating pre-packaged chocolate chip cookie dough trumps gorging on whatever comes your way.

Occasionally, healthy stuff could drift your way - I have healthy stuff all over the place just waiting to be inserted in my mouth and I ignore it and eat Lucky Charms instead.

Oh no, healthy stuff never just comes in your way. You have to seek it out. What comes my way? Candy. Crisps. Those jerked sausages whose English names I don’t know. Plenty of those. Nachos.

At least you eat enough every day, even if it’s crap.

Toast and peanut butter?

OK, so you eat unhealthy foods and not enough fruit and vegetables, but that’s lots of people. I think I eat pretty healthy, but next to Mrs. Giraffe I may as well be drinking out of the milkshake machine at McDonald’s.

So let’s quantify things a bit. Do you eat a lot more calories than you should? A lot more fat? How much of your fat is saturated and transfats? How’s your cholesterol? Do you exercise? How old are you? (I actually know how old alice is, but figured I’d include this for any future crappy eaters who enter the thread.)

Ok - I eat much less than I should. I have high cholesterol (caused by hypoapobetalipoproteinemia - even if I ate nothing but lettuce it would be high) and high blood pressure.

I run about 10 or 12 miles a week, do pilates, yoga, etc.

I eat empty, crappy food. Little food value, no fiber, lots of sugar. I suppliment by taking vitamins for my other health issues (peripheral neuropathy, anaemia, etc).

Generally I eat about one meal a day, and it’s generally crap. The guy I’m seeing was APPALLED when he saw what I eat.

When I eat out I generally eat sashimi, which is not horrible, but has a boat load of heavy metals.

Essentially, I am a cliche - I never cook, I eat chocolate chip cookie dough for dinner, fer crying out loud. That’s pathetic!

Oh - and I’m 33.

I once ate a meal of steak, fried onions, and chocolate cake. God I’m so ashamed. :frowning:

You put fried onions on chocolate cake? Dude - that’s nasty.

No they were all separate, but after that pretty large meal I felt sick for hours.

You ate an entire cake?

Why do you eat this way? How long have you been eating like this? You keep buying healthy things, so you’re unhappy with the way things are right?

When I was a university student and lived in Forest Lawn (which is about 6 month ago), I shopped regularly at a place called Sun-Cal Foods on 17th Ave. The place specialized in selling foods close to or just past the expiry date, as well as somewhat sickly looking vegetables, at modest prices. I’m not sure how the owner sources his goods, and I suspect he actually sifts through dumpsters behind supermarkets, but there are often gems to be found, such as speciality cheese and meats from manufacturers that have gone out of business, or bulk foods from restaurants.

I’ve now moved to the suburbs, but have many fond gastronomical memories of that place, such as the time I bought a 3 litre bucket of already-expired seafood salad for around $5, and ate it for the next two month. I made seafood salad soup(rather unattractive, as the mayo or cream or whatever they use to make the salad congealed into blobs of fat which floated on the surface, I still ate every last piece of course), seafood salad ramen noodles, seafood salad lasagne, seafood salad sandwiches, everything I could think of, it was tasty stuff!

I also often took home food left over at work. I once subsisted for an entire month on those “Hygaard” packaged sandwiches, which I had carted home from a roadtrip since none of my co-workers could stomach even a single one of them. They admittedly tasted awful, but that only meat my stockpile lasted longer. Often I would come across unexpected cornecopias such as stacks of leftover steak, which I would proceed to devour, grisel and all, in the manner of potato chips during a relaxing evening in front of the computer.

As an aside, my trips to China inevitably result in me consuming large quantities of La Rou, which is basically the fat cut from salted pork (sometimes there is a little bit of pork still attached, there is almost always still skin). I ate massive amounts of these at every meal for months on end.

I mentioned in the weight loss thread that a good way to lose weight was to budget no more than $30/week for food. I stand by that claim because I did it myself (not to lose weight, but to save money).

As a matter of fact, I ate quite well and quite healthy during those times, with lots of vegetables, small amounts of lean meat and whole grains, but many of my aquantainces, who were often less healthy and fit than me, found my eating habits to be ghastly.

I’ve had that, except with steak fries in addition. Not ashamed in the least.
What I am ashamed of is my behavior at Brazilian barbecque (like an all you can eat buffet, except waiters bring fancy delicious meats to you).

Do you have water retention problems? Are you regular?

Not to horn into this conversation, but I, too, am a horrible eater.

I can eat McDonalds for every day of the week and lose weight. I eat what I want, when I want to, and I’m still about the same weight I was roughly 10 years ago (I’m 25 now).

I remember, when I was little, I heard that people in prison only ate bread and drank water. I wanted to see what it was like and did it for a few weeks. To this day, I can eat an entire loaf of bread in one sitting.

Most foods come in single-serving sizes. Bacon. Loaves of bread. Potato chips. Cookies.

I’m also a very picky eater. I’ve never had red meat before (never even had a McDonalds hamburger…yeah, I hear I’m not missing much) and I practically live on chicken, junk food, seafood, macaroni and cheese, rice, and pizza. Those are the food groups, according to moi.

We’ll see if I don’t end up dying on the toilet tonight from karma before the Dopefest tomorrow.

Tyler? Is that you?

Dunno, really. I think I’ve just given up. I used to eat really healthy - totally vegetarian, low fat, all the food groups, fruits, veg, etc. etc. and I kept getting sick. And various ailments too - not just one thing that kept coming back.

I think I’m just too tired to care anymore so I wind up eating crap. I do eat better when I’m out at a restaraunt, so that’s something at least.

No water retention. Poo like a fiend.