Things I Have Said While Playing Angry Birds (Warning: Strong Language)

There’s a new level out and as usual, the veins in my forehead are pulsing with fury. Among things I have said while playing Angry Birds:

“That’s impossible. That is physically fucking impossible.”

“Are you FUCKING SERIOUS? You cannot be fucking serious.”

“How did that not fall down? How did that not fall down? Why the fuck did that fucking thing fuck not fall down?”

“Peice of shit. Stupid peice of shit bird. Stupid peice of shit. Useless. Stupid useless shit bird fuck.”


“I didn’t let go, I didn’t let go why the fuck did you shoot? Why did you shoot? I didn’t let go. Fuck you.”
Share some of your favourites.

What the fuck?

This game sucks!

Why is this so popular?

Is this supposed to be fun?

“I killed them all in one shot! What the fuck do I have to do to get more than 1 goddamn star?!”

And then you smiled at me, you bastard!

That’s right, fucking smile now!

“Fuck off and die you stupid smug pig!” – Div (my partner)

My facebook status a few months ago: Stupid angry birds and those stupid smirking pigs.

I have shouted many things to those smug pigs about what they can do with their parents and offspring.

I think I understand why these birds are so angry now.

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I did complete a level twice without firing one bird. I started the level, and the whole struture surrounding the pigs collapsed. I was so amazed that I tried it again, and it happened a second time a few minutes later.