Things I've noticed since I got the big TeeVee

As some might recall, I got a 42" LCD screen a month or two ago. As you can imagine even with regular DVDs and using the component video input, I’m seeing details I’ve not noticed before. On the down side, compression artifacts are a lot more noticeable. However, the other night, I was watching the Firefly episode “Ariel” where the gang Mission Impossibles their way into a hospital to steal pharmaceuticals, and do some other things. Mal has written a list of the good stuff on his forearm and there’s a quick shot of him glancing at it before sweeping some bottles off the shelf into their swag bag. I froze a clear shot. Several items on the list were smudgy and two were faint, as though they had been erased for some reason. Clear as could be, though, the last item was Fillioxalyn* It made me smile.

Next up: Did Jessica Rabbit wear any underwear or not? So what have you noticed in old favorites since making the transition?

*The actor’s name is Nathan Fillion for you non-fans.