Things people do with food that annoy you

What are some things people do with their food that annoy or bother you?

Today, I ordered a pastrami sandwich with nothing else on it. You know, because no one in their right mind would want to dilute the pastrami goodness of a pastrami sandwich.

Another thing that annoys me is when people SMOTHER their sushi in soy sauce. Even worse is when they add wasabi. Even worse is when they use the Japanese mayo. Even when they’re just using a lot of soy sauce I think to myself, “savages.”

And finally, people who mix all their food together. I have a friend that will dump a bowl of rice into whatever soup he’s eating or he’ll dump the rice into whatever sauce heavy food he’s eating. Really annoying to look at.

[Looks down at bowl of rice and lentil soup]


The only thing I can think of is the way some people will add salt and pepper to their food before even tasting it. C’mon, make sure it needs salt before adding it. :rolleyes:

Spanish/Mexican rice is extremely good in tortilla soup. That’s why they sometimes serve the rice alongside the soup. Even better, though, is to break up the tortilla chips into the soup, for extra corn goodness.

I don’t eat pastrami, but I will order my corned beef and Swiss sandwich on rye with just mustard. No, I DON’T want lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and jalapeno on my sandwich. It’s thick enough already.

Overcook their food.

It needs salt, or other people would be sending it back. Usually I taste it to determine how much more salt it needs, though.

Let me rephrase the rice and soup thing I mentioned earlier. He doesn’t add rice to the soup, he adds soup to the rice.

  • Order it well done.
  • Put ice cubes in a glass of red wine.
  • Put ketchup/steak sauce on a steak.

I just posted in the current commercials thread that I hate to see people with food on their faces (or hands, or whatever), so again, that. Barbeque? shudder

I also don’t want to hear or see your food as it is being chewed. Even…nay, especially… yours, Grandma!

If I’m with someone who is eating ketchup, I don’t say anything, but I am determinedly not looking.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: People wo use wodden paddles to eat ice cream. I cannot stand them. I have to leave the room or stop what I’m doing and get them a spoon.

Wooden ice cream paddles freak me out to the point that if I was in Room 101, that’s what Big Brother would use on me.

Here is something that has been annoying me lately, and it’s what people DON’T do. There seems to be a certain subset of people who refuse to use chopsticks, with Chinese food, on principle. I have no problem with people who don’t wanna, or who can’t, or just don’t feel like it, but these people get all obnoxious and in your faceabout it. “We’re in THIS country now, and I think they should learn how to eat with a fork, goddamnit!”

Um. They do know how to eat with a fork. They just don’t choose to. And I love eating with chopsticks, so I’ll do it even without a reason and without being Chinese.

Chew it with their mouths open.

I don’t like deli sandwiches where they put like four pounds of meat on the sandwich. Okay, I get it, you’re generous with meat, you make a good hearty sandwich – but if there’s so much meat on it that it’s basically a big ball of lunchmeat with two pieces of bread that aren’t in the same area code – and nevermind trimmings or condiments – then I’m annoyed. If I wanted something I had to eat with a knife and fork, I wouldn’t have ordered a sandwich. I’m not saying I only want one piece of bologna with a small schmear of mayo, but there’s a lot of room between that and trying to stuff a whole package of lunch meat into a single sandwich.

Oh man, that’s another one. My friend smothers his chili cheese fries with ketchup. What a waste of perfectly good chili cheese fries!

Well forget what they choose to do. Chow Mien is just easier to eat with chop sticks. You get a much better grip on the noodles then you would with a fork. Also, I don’t want to eat sushi with my hands and I don’t want to stab it with a fork either. A delicate food like sushi, or sashimi deserves a delicate instrument like chopsticks.

Ugh, it makes my teeth itch just thinking about it.

I like popsicles, but I never quite finish them, becuase then I have to risk tasting the stick.

This ice cream/wooden stick thing is new to me.

First, who’s eating ice cream with a wooden stick? I’ve never heard of this. Do people own sticks that are just used for ice cream? I’ve honestly never heard of this practice.

Also, what’s with the fear of sticks? Is it a taste thing? A hygeine thing? Do many people share this fear?

I’m fascinated.

Goes to a salad bar or buffet and takes way more than they end up eating…

Typically, you can go back over and over, so why the need to dump several pounds of food on your plate in one pass, then end up leaving half of it?

Sometimes when you buy ice cream you get little wooden paddles to eat it with. They are made like a flat spoon out of the same wood as popsicle sticks. They squick me out. Whenever I post this, someone else always agrees with me.

I don’t know what it is–texture and taste mostly. They are nasty and I cannot stand to see other people use them.

Now I know what to get Annie-Xmas for her birthday: a framed photograph of Woody Allen eating ice cream with a tongue depressor. :smiley: