Things that annoy you about your web browser, or that you wish it did?

Personally, I wish there was a fast way of controlling it entirely by keyboard. The Firefox add-on “mouseless browsing” does what I want, but is *way *too slow.

Also, I wish keyboard shortcuts still worked when focus was on a flash app.

I’m actually surprised by how much is solved, though. There are already Firefox add-ons to split the screen and to have vertical tabs.

You may want to try Conkeror - a Gecko/Mozilla based browser that’s really intended for keyboard navigation (and supposedly supports many of Firefox’s plugins too).

I wish it would stay locked at a fixed size, and not be so easy to grab the edges and slide them around.

I have a FF extension to snap it back to a scale of my choice, but I would like an option to keep it there no matter what.

You don’t even need an extension, my friend. I forgot that it’s not enabled by default. It’s part of the new standard that no page ought to be able to control browser behavior.

As for me, I want something that will automatically resize text for those jerks who use really small fonts. Right now I have to use a plugin to make the text the same size. And enabling any accessibility options just makes things ugly. This plugin would have to move and resize elements to make them fit and completely avoid a horizontal scroll bar–not in that stupid way Opera does where the small column is full sized, and the larger column is shrunk down to one-inch width.

What annoys me most are the jerks who still design websites that will run only on Internet Exploder. If you’re not running IE, you get a nasty message telling you that the site only supports IE.


Haven’t seen a site like that in years (and I haven’t used IE for at least 8 years).

It’s a minor thing but I really like Chrome’s Paste and Go/Search feature and wish Firefox had it. It only saves one click but man its glorious.

I want new instances of a browser to open directly over the old one and not be half an inch to the right and down.

I want full Gmail and Google Docs functionality in Konqueror.

I’d like a browser that automatically blanks out inane discussions of why this or that browser sucks.


No, my problem isn’t with others resizing my windows. It’s with me. I use a pen and tablet, so a couple of times a day when I scroll I have grabbed the edge of the browser instead and it slides itself into a new size. I want that ability disabled, at my discretion.

Thanks for that! Damn fascist web designers!

I want a browser plug-in that rains fiery death on anyone who designs a web page that uses gray text on a white background.

It’s not really a browser feature. That would have to be implemented by the OS.

I definitely would like the ability to lock the size of a window.

I wish the Firefox “search Google for…” highlight text feature worked inside text area edit boxes too.

I want a browser that won’t crash on me 20 times a week. Firefox does it all the time. Sometimes it just crashes without warning, sometimes I get a “Runtime error” warning. The good thing is that most of my pages will be retrieved when I have to start it back up, though that’s another bitching, that it takes forever to restart.

It’s probably not Firefox’s fault, but rather the fact that no one has built a browser made for me. I can have a dozen or more Firefox windows open, with each one having a dozen or more, sometimes many more, tabs in use. I’m an atypical user so I can’t be too bitchy, but sometimes I get crashes when I don’t have all that many windows/tabs open, I just happened to go to the wrong web site or something. But I can’t always tell what caused the crash, which leads me to my other want:

I’d like a Firefox-specific “Windows Task Manager”-type program that will tell me which page is causing me grief so I can close that page and not go back there. My current Windows Task Manager only tells me that I have firefox.exe running, and the CPU number. It’s less than useless in telling me which window and which tab I should be sending to the bowels of hell.

a) I want EASY select and drag-and-drop of any text on a web page to textclipping on the Desktop. My current browser will do it, somewhat reluctantly, but if I drag too soon after selecting it things I’m changing the selection, and if I wait a split-second too long it pops up a contextual menu, so I have to time my drag-attempt just perfectly to get the damn text to drag properly.

b) Speaking of the contextual menu, I want a smarter “Open as URL” contextual menu item, one that recognizes that is an email address and that even without “mailto:” appended to the front of it it should open it in my freaking email program.

c) I want the option of being prompted each time for where I want to save my right-click “download link as” files instead of having to specify a default location and it puts them all there instead.

d) I want something my old browser, iCab, had: the ability to paste (or type) in a link to the Download Manager and tell it to download, NOT load, that link.

e) The ability to right-click any window or pop-up or frame and select “ban this domain” and auto-add it to domains that it will no longer load any content from.

Mostly I’m pretty happy with my offbeat browser.

Chrome for Linux has more problems than I can count. The most annoying is that it really doesn’t get along with Flash. Sometimes it works, but mostly it doesn’t.

You’ve pretty much described the reasons I switched from FF to Chrome. I was hesitant at first, but the majority of the plugins I use regularly for FF are now available (somewhat equivalently) for Chrome. I still use FF for specific tasks, particularly during web development, but use Chrome for all my normal uses and find myself relying on FF less and less.

I’m not sure what browser you’re using, but I just tested this on the latest versions of IE, FF, Safari, and Chrome and all behave as you’ve described - allowing you to specify where to download when using the right-click context menu (FF and Chrome also allow to have downloads prompt you for a location when using a normal left-click).

I long for the “good old days” when I would click on Firefox and it would open within seconds.
I have downloaded the newest version, and it is a tad better, but it still takes forever to open.

I think people forget way back when Google first came on the scene (yes, I know that is a search engine and not a browser) the reason for its instant popularity was the simplicity in design and function - no bullshit ads and artwork, just a very clean, simple screen that did only what you wanted.
Because of that, Google loaded quickly and efficiently.
The day I first found Google was the day I made it my home page, and I haven’t looked back.

I think browsers should be designed to be equally sleek in performance.
Start loading in the background the minute you turn on your computer - and be ready to go when you click on it.
There has to be a way to have a “soft opening” of an Internet browser that simply connects and boots up in the background without having wait while it runs through whatever 1000 steps it is running through before it opens.

Don’t know if I explained that correctly, but basically would like a browser to simply open when I click - and really, that used to be the case years ago.

Holy crap! I just noticed that feature. That is cool. Unfortunately, I am having all kinds of problems with FF 3.6. I am going to uninstall and go back to 3.5 I think.

The Chrome version I am running won’t play embedded video.

I am unhappy to report that the most reliable browser I’ve found so far is IE8.