Things that annoy you (Language Pet Peeves, get 'em while there hot!)

I blame the talk shows and rap culture for the misuse of the word * Disrespect *. As in, " Don’t you disrespect me."

*Stop it. Stop it. Stop it! *

:::donning super hero cape and mask::::

The correct usage is: Show me some respect or I will kick your transvestite midget lesbian one legged hirsute nymphomaniac body out of my house tonight."
Thank you. I feel so much better.

Ravel and unravel. Why in hell do we need both of these words?

And, of course, people who confuse “there” and “they’re” in post titles. :wink:

Just shoot me now.

And now, for my excuse: My toddler was jabbing his 8 month sister through the slats in the crib until she cried. Really. :::on my knees:::::::::I was Distracted…oh SDMB forgive me…

I think UncleBeer and ENugent are just plain flammable …….or is it inflammable.

My pet peeve: ‘Sex’ and ‘gender’

Irregardless. ::shudder, twitch:: Funny, I have hiccups now.

gee, and after some one "pacifically " asked ya not to…

And I’d atlantically do so anyhow.

“Flammable” was coined because some people would see “inflammable” on the side of trucks or the like and think it meant the opposite of what it does mean. (My authority for this is Strunk and White - I haven’t personally checked it).

Most of my language pet peeves are related to words coined to sound businesslike. I think “incentivize” is the one that gives me the most pain, but there are many.

Use of the word “literally” in its figurative sense (because it doesn’t have one).

“Supposably” . . .
That’s all I wanted to say.

Except this:

Note my sig (I knew that would come in handy sooner or later).

My “PP” is misuse of ensure, insure and assure.

“Infer” when used to mean “imply”


“I” when “me” would be correct. I’ve heard people say “between you and I” and it is very annoying because it generally means that the speaker has convinced her/himself that everyone else is wrong, that the speaker is possessed of superior grammatical knowledge, AND that the speaker has the self-awarded duty to instruct the rest of us. Or the rest of we.

“Effect” for “affect”.

I think I’ll go and calm down now.

That bugs me, too. Also, mixing up “effect” and “affect.”

Actually, lots of language misuses bug me - I just live a disgruntled life.

Hey, Celyn, cross-posted pet peeves! And I also detest the mixing up of “infer” and “imply.”

Mr. Ujest not so long ago said that due to a lack of whoopee around this house,spoke without engaging his brain and said that he was sexless. I’m not sure when *it * fell off, but I believe he has Bobbit-ized himself.

There’s only one that really grates on me. Unfortunately, I seem to live in the one place where everyone uses it.

“Seen” instead of “saw” or “have seen.”

Me: “Do you want to go see that new movie?”
Maynard: “Well, I seen it already, but it’s really good.”

Me: “Did you see that car go by?”
Maynard: “Yep, I seen it!”

Stuyguy sez “from whence” is wrong.

Nucular. ::shudder::

I can’t stand it when people refer to themselves in the third person. It makes the veins in my forehead pop out.

Yep, makes my toes curdle.