Things that are good

I would like to preface this by stating that this is my first thread, after lurking for many years and generally being too lazy to do this via a dial up I’m finally relenting to the draw of the digital connection. Enough about that.

I just want to say something positive about kids. There are far too many news stories relating the tragic losses and an equal number of threads highlighting the same. There are enough threads in the pit that bash parents that are percieved to be idiots, deserved or not, so I want to start one that is dedicated to the good that children do.

So here we go:

I have had the luxury lately of spending time with my kids. One girl and one boy that are 17 months apart. They are now 8 & 7 years old respectively. After dinner and homework tonight I tried to get them ready for bed. I’ve done this many times over the years but every once in a while the task explodes into a free for all. The kids don’t want to go to bed and you don’t really want to be the bad guy. It ends up being a big wrasslin match that leaves us all laughing. Tonight was that way and the kids even pointed out to me that we don’t spend enough time together like this.

So my point is, even though it’s not remotely clear from the rest of this post, that children supply many of us with so much more than just a away to prolong our family lines. Children can be articulate, thoughtfull, well behaved members of society that can add tremondously to our daily lives if they’re given the chance.

I realize that I’m biased, however once in a while I think it would be nice to highlight the benefits of having children.

Looking forward to having kids in the future, but still in school. . . so less fulfilling things that are good for me tonight:
Tonight we went to the local grocery market on the way home and they had a bunch of Belgian Trappist quadrupel (God. . how do you spell that? Is that English I’m typing?) 20 oz’ers priced at $2.29 each, about 4 bucks cheaper than the comparable brews, and it wasn’t a mistake. We picked up several.
I saw a sorority girl in an expensive-looking BMW run a stop sign, cutting off an unseen bike-cop who pulled her over. I know, Schadenfreude, but. . . it’s those little thngs that make life interesting.

Sounds like a nice place in life, Beer Fan. Soak in it while you can-- I think you’re lucky that you can grab this moment. I hope my child-rearing years are as rich.