Things that are really silly but make you twitch in a bad way

We’ve had threads like this before - things that are really minor or superficial, but when you encounter them you just. can’t. stand. it.

I’m also going to try to exclude grammar/spelling irregularities from this thread, as those tend to take over.


Oni no Husband cannot stand it if my (long, light-brown, very fine) hair has shed onto my jacket. He must must MUST pick off every hair before he will be satisfied.

I cannot stand to have a pimple and not pop it. Yes, I know you’re not supposed to, that it can be dangerous, make the acne worse, etc. I still can’t do it. If I realize I’ve got one and I’m not in a place where I can immediately retreat to take care of it, it BUGS THE HELL OUT OF ME!

Another one for me: I am an actor at the Renaissance Faire (the original one, in So Cali). I am a faire worker, or an actor. Do not call me a “Rennie.” Do not refer to yourself as a “Rennie”. Do not use the word “Rennie.” EVER. Similarly, when I am working at the Faire, I wear a costume. I do not wear “garb”. If I hear you call your costume, my costume, anyone’s costume “garb” I will have to forcibly restrain myself from choking the living crap out of you.


My father sent me a text last week…

“Hy nic. wht r u up 2?”

My father. He’s 58. Absolutely unnecessary.

I absolutely cannot stand the term “Varsity”. Yeeargh! See that word, ‘UnivErsity’? Yep, that’s right it’s got an ‘E’ in that spot, why on earth would you switch an ‘A’ in. I know this is about as stupid and trivial as you can get but it BUGS me.

The Australian contraction-of-choice is “Uni”. Far more sensible!

Also, ‘frig’ and ‘mic’, for ‘fridge’ and ‘mike’.

similar to cutterjohn, certain mispronunciations/misnomers

i.e. “expecially” and “supposably”

when people say words like that it is sounds so ignorant to me!

What if someone’s referring to the Varsity? Do you still twitch? (They serve awesome chili dogs. It’s the only fast food place where I’ll eat a hot dog.)

As for me, it’s giggling. I don’t know what it is about giggling, but it gets on my nerves worse than nails on a chalk board.

Regular laughter doesn’t bother me a bit, just giggling.

SCA, not faire.

I wear clothing, not costume or garb. It is made according to historical specs, in general by hand in the period fashion. About the only thing I can say is they are all modern materials except for the one item I made by shearing my sheep and proceeding from there. Costume would be that crap you get in CVS for kids at halloween. I wear clothing that is hundreds or thousands of dollars of materials and hours of hand sewing and embellishing with pearls, gold bullion, beads and embroidery. I hand make the laces for my bodys or trim using a lucet loom. It is not cheap CVS crap.

I speak in my normal voice, using my normal vocabulary. I do not use ‘fair speach’ that fakey medievaloid vocabulary. I rarely talk about calling someone on the phone, but if I do I do not call it a ‘far speaker’ I rarely discuss my car, butit is not a ‘wagon’ ‘carriage’ or mystical coach.’ I wear my glasses, I use canes and crutches I already have, and I use my wheelchair. People spoke in their normal voice and used their normal vocabulary back then. If we are to be totally accurate, we should be learning to speak in anglo-saxon, q-celtic, latin, greek, scythian, medieval english, elizabethan english, medieval german … though through much of history latin and greek were common lingua francas. I also do not use a faux english accent, though I did once hear someone keep to a fantastic real sounding russian accent and she had the best moscovite 1300 clothing I have seen in years, her pearlwork was phenomenal.

I have hundreds and thousands of hours of research in my personas. I hand make my clothing as much as possible. I recreate with appropriate materials. DO not ask me to whip off an elizabethan gown that looks like this in a weekend. It is NOT happening. I can manage this in a week.

My dad does this, but it’s because he cannot figure out T9 or predictive text and can barely type. He’s not trying to sound cool; it just takes him so long to text that he needs to take shortcuts if he’s going to get anything done.

The one thing I did get him to use were those templates, to the point where, if there’s a template that sort of says what he wants to say, I can guarantee I’ll get it.

I’m at a loss to come up with silly little things that bug me, as I usually only think of them when they happen. So I’ll likely get back to you on answering the OP.

Most of the little things that bug me irrationally are sounds. The “slurp, slurp, slurp” sound of the dog licking herself; the sound of someone chewing gum with their mouth open (or worse yet, popping it); the squeak of two balloons rubbing together.
Also, when the OP says, “I’m also going to try to exclude grammar/spelling irregularities from this thread, as those tend to take over,” and the first two posts (and portions of all of the rest) are about grammar/spelling irregularities. :wink:

I am 52. My 15 year old son gives me grief over my text messages that are spelled out and with proper capitalization and punctuation. You can’t win.:smiley:

I’ve said it before, but the use of “please advise” in emails drives. me. up. the. WALL!!!

I got two emails in a row with this phrase yesterday, one of them in the subject! Now I have to see it every time I open my inbox for a short while.

And yes, I know this phrase is not actually offensive. It just rubs me the wrong way.

Mine is totally ridiculous: unglazed pottery and porcelain. When I touch it, or even *think *about touching it, I simultaneously “feel” it scraping against my teeth. It’s the tactile equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Ugh! Freaks me out!

My butt hurts. Please advise.


I have the same thing with “frosted” glass. Especially drinking glasses. There’s a nice restaurant in my home town I can’t go to because I can’t pick up the drinking glasses without imagining how the frosted part would feel against my teeth. WTF kind of evolutionary quirk is that?

Secks, ur doin it rong.

Commercials that emphasize eating noises, lip smacking, crunching, slurping…gah. Hardees and Kit Kat are the worst but there are plenty of others.
I reach for the mute button as fast as I can so I won’t have to go out and stab somebody.

People who open a door to enter a room and don’t close it behind them. Especially if they leave it sort of half open. Or worse, when they close it almost all the way but there’s still an inch or so to go so that it doesn’t “catch”. I’m waiting for that click of the door hardware when it’s fully closed, and I’ll stop what I’m doing and cross the room to push it that one last inch to make sure that it does.

People who don’t walk on the freaking sidewalk!! GAH!!! It’s silly and irrational, but it frakking boils my blood. I can sort of understand it in January, when a lot of the sidewalks are snow-covered (and my suburb doesn’t do as well as it could clearing them off). But it’s March now, and it’s been warming up for the last three weeks. Most of the sidewalks don’t have any snow at all.

And when I see people doing this in July (as they do), ooof. It’s all I can do to keep from swerving to hit them. I’d be justified, though - no jury in the world would convict me.


Yep, same thing here. We keep olive oil in a refillable decanter bottle for cooking, and it’s frosted glass. (My husband bought it. Super-handy, but… frosted.) It’s bad enough picking it up to drizzle a little in the pan; what’s worse is when it gets empty, and I have to wash the little bastard. Bleah!

Then, when I refill it, it invariably gets oil on the outside, and what do you know? That *also *makes me twich! See, the oil makes the frosting translucent, and you can’t just wipe it off like on a smooth surface; it just smears it. So of course, I have to very carefully wash the outside of the bottle again.

I have to go lie down now, with a cool compress over my eyes.

Similar to this is not shutting drawers or cabinets. My husband has this irritating habit and it drives me absolutely batty. Shut the freakin’ thing all the way closed. It’s not that much harder than part-way.

If I get a snag in my fingernail I have to immediately either rip the whole thing off or file it. For some reason, I just can’t ignore it. And if I rip it off and it’s all rough and jagged and there’s no nail file handy, well, let’s just not go there.