Things that Make you Shudder (in a good or bad way)

[li]Entwistle’s bass interludes in 'My Generation" (good)[/li][li]The beat to “Ballroom Blitz” (good)[/li][li]The sound of a train running on the tracks (good)[/li][li]The SQUEAL of the train’s wheels on the track (bad)[/li][li]“Comfortably Numb” guitar solo (good)[/li][/ul]

And you?

Biting down on a water chestnut (bad)

George W. Bush’s voice - bad

Eating a bite of meat and finding you have a chunk of gristle in there. Bad…VERY bad.

Thinking about those really tall rides at Six Flags. I didn’t even go NEAR them,but I’ve been shuddering for a week.

:smack: How stupid am I?!

An orgasam! Good…very, VERY good!

Anyone, or anything, touching my belly button. Or even thinking about having anyone or anything touch it. Bad - very, very, bad.


The vocal chorus in “A Day in the Life”


Rosie O’Donnell in a thong

biting down on aluminum foil - bad

Listening to a drill rig auger bit grind against caliche* :::shudder:::

It’s like nails on a blackboard multiplied by infinity!!!


*thick, massive, rock-hard accumulations that cement gravel, sand, and fines of a sediment, producing a dense and impermeable layer that resembles fresh-water limestone. Such massive caliche layers (calcretes) are common in deserts at depths of a few centimeters to about 2 m. The layers are a few centimeters to several meters thick

Good: Keith Moon laying down the beats, Eric Johnson playing White Cliffs of Dover, and the obvious orgasm.

Bad: My SiL’s voice (yes really, I want to curl into my ass and die thinking about it), the sound of a knife grinding on a plate.

The feeling of something wooden, like a popsicle stick, touching my teeth (bad). I know this doesn’t seem bad to most people, but I find something very, very, very oogy about the combination of wood and teeth. Sometimes I shudder when I see someone else eating a popsicle.


Slight hijack, but I need to second this. Big time. Have almost a phobia about this. Okay, it is a phobia. Argggggggghhhh need to stop typing about this now its making me freak out!!!

There are a couple of chords voiced so perfectly in Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet (not in the love theme - in tense, quieter moments surrounding the Capulets and Montagues theme), they make my eyes roll back into my head. Every time. Even when I was performing. There are a few parts of a few pieces that can do that to me, but I distinctly remember shuddering for those perfect open chords.

Heh. Well, I hear that’s bad, too. :smiley:

This post made me bad-shudder (I hate this too)

Lover breathing on the back of my neck - good

Blistering guitar solos [good]
Cold iced tea after coming in from a long hot day of outside work [good]
The thought of tsunamis and other water-related disaster [very bad]
Ticks [very bad]
Spiders [ohgodverybad]
Dental work [worstofall]

Sound of Fingernails scratching stiff denim or windbreaker material—Very, Very Bad

Warm breathy nuzzles behind/beneath my ears—So good it should be illegal

Just thinking about being on top of high things – bad! Being up there, even worse. Thinking about the time I got stuck on the side of a high rock is making my palms sweat this very minute. However, I do like high rides at amusement parks, go figure.

Vanilla-bean ice cream on top of a warm gooey brownie = good shudder.

Metal against my teeth, or anyone else’s teeth for that matter. Sometimes when my husband’s teeth meet against his fork I shudder and yell at him to quit it. Going to the dentist is the absolute worst. I just lay there trembling in shock while she scrapes my teeth with a metal stick! GAH!

Any soft touch against the back of my neck – bad shudder.
Cold breeze when it’s hot – good shudder.