Things that people get Very Wrong

I know there have been similar threads in the past; rather than revive one I feel like starting fresh.

A young woman I know, in her early 20s, told me a story about how she was in the south recently and she was shocked that there were still blatant Jim Crow laws in evidence. Specifically, she spoke of a bar she saw that had a large sign near the entrance that read: “No Colors”.

100% true, I swear on a stack of biographies.

My brother thought that women had two fewer ribs than men, and the Genesis story about Eve being made from Adam’s rib was an attempt to rationalize this.

I know adult women, who think pee and babies come out of the same hole.

A Michigan friend volunteered w/ a building team in a very rural Appalachian area helping a Babtist church. When he returned he told me he met a guy who was married to his sister. Sure enough, a man had introduced his wife as ‘Sister (wife name)’. :smack:

People who think the US federal government created the states and can tell them what to do.

Wouldn’t this give women more ribs? (I always wondered about that. No wonder my Sunday-school teachers hated me.)

I like the cut of your [del]rib[/del] jib.

It would give women one more rib than men. Yahweh took just one of Adam’s ribs to make Eve. I have cousins who think thing Genesis (along with the rest of the Bible) is literly true, right down to the Earth being about 6K yrs old, dinosaurs being left of the Ark, and the human lifespan originally being hundreds of years long (it’s gotten shorter because of millenia of inbreeding). :rolleyes:

My father thinks that if we start sequestering carbon dioxide, that will significantly reduce the amount of oxygen left in the air and we’ll have difficulty breathing.

Everything posted by reef shark in this thread.

:confused: I don’t get it.

Gang colors maybe?

Motorcycle clubs (and gangs) call the clothing (usually a jacket) that displays their membership in the club “colors.” Displaying your colors is to announce you are a member of that group. It’s every bit as significant to them as a flag is to patriots or nationalists.

Problems arise when two groups who don’t like each other show their colors in the same place.

Holy shit, that’s some willful ignorance there!

I remember reading a book by a self-referenced metrosexual. I don’t remember what the book was about (probably explaining the whole ‘metrosexual’ thing), but I do remember he actually thought that the simultaneous interpretation provided at places like the UN comes from machines, rather than human interpreters. Buh?

At one time I worked at Rum Point in Grand Cayman. From the beach you can just see the other end of the island across the 7 mile wide North Sound. Yet tourists would ask in all seriousness, “Is that Cuba?”

Or the other question, “How do the airline pilots find the island?”… As if it is drifting around?

Some people have no understanding of geography.

I’ve experienced similar stupidity on St Martin. From Friar’s Bay you can see Anguila pretty clearly. Tourists speculate whether they are looking at Jamaica or some other Carribean island.

Also, on a very clear day you can clearly see neighboring Saba. Any degree of overcast and you cannot see it even if it seems like a clear day. I’ve heard people speculate that the islands move around like planets, which explains why you see an island out there some days and not others.

This somehow reminded me of the worries that Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) had about the island of Guam. In March of 2010, the congressman from Georgia asked the commander of the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet, Adm. Robert Willard, about the effects of the overpopulation in Guam.

Yeah, people who are hazy about the geography of the smaller Caribbean islands are such total maroons! :rolleyes:

i saw what you did there.