Things that stereotypical red-staters and blue-staters would both enjoy

We all know the stereotypes of red-staters (Gods, guns, NFL footall, NASCAR) and blue-staters (arugala, soy lattes, atheism). Let’s leave aside all the really negative ones (racists, traitors, etc.) and focus on just the cultural ones.

So, what things are there that should appeal to both types? In particular, I’m looking for things that appeal to some of the stereotypical traits of each, as opposed to something like chocolate or sex, which appeal to everyone just because.
One that occurs to me is Mythbusters. For your blue-staters, you’ve got enormous respect for the scientific method and rationality, plus it’s filmed in godless San Francisco. Plus explosions. For the red-staters, you’ve got guns, guns, fast cars, and Kari Byron firing guns in slow motion. Plus explosions.

What else?

Camping in the National Parks? Both the environmentalists and the rugged outdoorsmen types would love it, I would guess.

Beer. Granted, it’d be different types, but still. Beer.

Fucking. I’ll bet most folks like that.

Throwing Andy Dick into a tank of piranhas.

Bacon. The red-state stereotype is bacon dipped in chocolate on a stick at a state fair. The blue-state stereotype is bacon dipped in chocolate on a stick as part of a swanky restaurant tasting menu.

Hating science.

Cultural/Class warfare against the Other.

I’m not sure that’s legal in Red states.

Only if it’s family.

I think both sides like NFL football. College football leans more red (excepting Michigan)

I think all the major league sports are equally distributed.

The beach. Red staters love Panama Beach, Blue staters know a wonderful hidden cove on Molokai.

Ke$ha. She often dresses like white trash, drives a '78 Trans Am, enjoys Jack Daniel’s & cheap beer, and likes guys with scruffy beards. On the other hand, she’s into animal welfare, and she even officiated at a lesbian couple’s wedding a couple of months ago.

Fireworks on July 4 and December 31. Just as popular in my blue city as they were in my small red town.

This is the first thing I thought of, especially now that guns are allowed. Imagine it, red-staters get target practice while blue-staters get the exercise of running for their lives.

Sure fucking is legal in red states, you just can’t talk about it.

March Madness
The Super Bowl

I would suggest baseball is the most geographically universal sport within the US. The Northeast loves it, the South loves it, the Midwest loves it and the Pacific Coast loves it.

Some really good, purist, regional BBQ.

Plenty of zoos, museums, waterparks and amusement parks have broad appeal.