Dear Red states, a letter from the Blue.

I found this to be rather entertaining being as I am in a Blue state.

You eat your pineapple lettuce wraps, we’ll have our steaks, pork chops, chicken, and burgers - let’s see who gets tired of their menu first. Also better save those jeans, no more cotton for you. Better not get a hankerin’ for any rice dishes either. As for Hollywood, good riddance. We have a lot of beaches between VA & TX. Hope you like riding your bike, not going to have much gas or oil either. Now excuse me, I smell fresh bread baking.

hyuk hyuk.

Too bad we’re not in the pit.

We got farms in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc. And we’re talking beef and cheese, baby. Plus pigs and chickens. Hell, we got tons of venison too.

California has reasonable cotton production. Plus, we’ll just start using hemp, man. :cool:

Twenty percent of the U.S.'s rice crop comes from Cali.

Who goes to Hollywood for the beach? Plus, we still have more beaches than you in Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Michigan, NY, NJ, Hawaii…heck, need I go on? I do? The entire California and New England coasts, then.

We do like riding our bikes. And subways, and buses, and walking. And hell, it’s not like you get your oil domestically anyway. The Middle East ain’t a Red State yet, last I checked.

But maybe you better learn to ride a bike yourself, unless you plan on driving only imports. Detroit’s ours.

So do I.

In addition, you guys can continue enjoying higher rates of being uninsured (17% uninsured working adults in 2003 vs. 12%). Due possibly to less workers having a voice through collective bargaining (9% vs. 16.11%).

The only thing I envy about youse guys is your peace of mind in not actually being anywhere near anything a terrorist would ever target.


You want to get technical, you guys get a lot of cities. Woo.

Try taking a look at a county map of Illinois, for instance.

Oh, I thought it was funny.

Then again, I’m a southerner who found to be amusing, as well.

Nice try, but you don’t get all of California. Check the way the voting went by county. All you get is the coast. It’s yours. We get all the real production and real estate. Bye-bye, Berkeley! See ya, LA! The real people here are in the red. :smiley:

I also find it funny* that the red staters who drive around with their Bush-Fishes on their cars invoke 9/11 at every drop of a hat, while the people who actually lived through that horror voted against Gee-Dubya.

*frustrating? sad?

Here’s a Red/Blue county-by-county map, with shades of purple thrown in, and adjusted for population size-- thus eliminating those pesky, empty, wide-open spaces claimed by Red-staters as their own. A square mile with nobody actually living in it looks quite different than a square-mile with a few thousand people in it, when you view it on a map like this:

I’m seeing a lot more pure blues than pure reds.

But honestly, why should you even get defensive here? Why even justify a thread like this? You won. Electorial and popular. Contrary to conservative talk radio and TV, you-- the right, Red-states, neo-cons, Republicans-- are not the underdogs and victims. You’re the victors and you control the federal government. When threads like this come up, all’s you need to say is “Who’s president?” and walk away.

I’ll take a sore loser over a sore winner anyday.

This is on par with the Jesus glurge I usually receive in my email. You do realize that you’re going to need some of those red state folks to change to your side if you ever want to see a non republican president again, right?

This seems like a fantastic way to alienate the blue voting red state people. “HAW HAW, we’re so much better than you it’s not even funny.” As a blue voting red stater, I hope that this remains local and doesn’t get spread into those red states you mock because it sure as hell isn’t going to endear you to the locals.

Blue-voting red stater here. New England’s gloomy and California’s beaches are all private. Beaches down here are all public and the Southern beaches tend to be the best in the country :cool:

You guys get Limbaugh. He lives in New York

What? No, they aren’t. I’ve never seen a private beach in 23 years in California.

That’s because there aren’t any. The state owns all beaches in California, and they are not permitted to be private. The dispute arises over easements on private land needed to reach beaches. I understand that on the East Coast there may be private beaches, but that’s out of my bailiwick.

Look – bottom line: the “red” states and the “blue” states are a media invention intended to oversimplify, in a visual way, election results tied to the Electoral College system. Many, many states (if not all of them) are actually purple – no state is solely red, and no state is solely blue. Why can’t we all just get along?

They seem to be ignoring Florida, home of the world’s best beaches and an extremely high tourist destination.

All in all, that letter seems rather sulky to me. “We can’t win? Fine! We’ll take our marbles and go home. So there.”

I would recommend that the writer and all the friends he can get together expose this attitude to as many people as possible.

I am Queen of the World and I say no splitting states. California is a blue state and so it all goes into Nuevo California. Nice try yourself sneaky silenus. The Queen will have no civil wars, ghettos, nor untidy state lines.

Please note that the voting officials of Nuevo California would probably frown upon people from another country voting in their own presidential election. Plus, like this should actually be taken seriously.
Dear Og! Does this mean Arnold would be president? Noooooooo! Impeach! Impeach! Danger! Danger!

The “blue” states break away, big deal.

Just wait until we get into the first war with each other… :wink:

>The “blue” states break away, big deal.

Just wait until we get into the first war with each other…

Didn’t this happen 150 years ago? Didn’t the Blue states win? Didn’t a Southern sympathizer assasinate the president in retaliation, and get caught? What am I missing???

I think he has a point. After all, West Virginia seceded from Virginia, because it didn’t want to secede from the country.