Things that took you an embarassingly long time to realize

I love bagels, and my family would get them often. For some reason I was convinced for 5 years or so that I didn’t like cream cheese. I’m not sure if my tastes changed or if I had a bad cream cheese experience, but I tried it one a day a couple years ago and discovered that I really liked it.

Why the “Two guys walk into a bar. The third one ducks.” joke is funny.

In For Whom The Bell Tolls, characters said things like “Let’s beat those unprintable facists”, or “obscenity in your mother’s milk”. For the first quarter of the book or so I was thinking, “Damn, these are some polite soldiers”.

The second meaning of “If I said that your body was beautiful would you hold it against me?”.

I’m not getting this one. Are those British slang words that are offensive over there? Sound Monty Python-like.

Well, it could be taken that those particular words are actually censorship on the author’s part, and the soldiers actually said stuff that was ‘unprintable’, or considerably worse obscenities.

Depends on the context, though, and I’m not familiar with FWTBT myself. In the foundation books, for instance, I think that Ebling Mis really does use the word ‘Unprintable’ as an expletive, and there’s a reasonable basis for how it could become a swear word in its own right, especially as a reaction against centuries of restrictive Imperial censorship