things that turn you communist

After being evicted from my home to make way for the most noble profession in Australia, buying a house, putting in a new kitchen and mowing the lawn, and selling it for $50000 more, the real estate agent called and said we owe him $55 because a friend of mine stayed in the empty apartment for a day. I didn’t stay there, I have no knowledge of this, the doors were unlocked, it didn’t cost you any money you capitalist pig, it’s great that you can keep a house empty when people are homeless, I hope you lose a bundle of money shithead.

move to the Pit if it rises to that level.

Tell him to fuck off. If he doesn’t fuck off, tell him to prove it. If he can prove it, ask why you owe the money, and not your friend. Why in the world would you owe the agent for that?

The US healthcare “system”.

How about lawyers that charge $12 per page to have a document photocopied.

Nothing, short of the barrel of a gun.

being a starving artist.

But I went the capitalist way and got a “real job.”

I’m Facebook friends with a guy I went to school with from grades 4-12. (We were in band together for five years, too, which automatically means we were practically related, even if we were never super close best friends.) Anyway, he’s LDS and Republican and I’m a liberal atheist and his screeds about Obama on Facebook seriously have me defending communism. Seriously. He calls Obama a communist and somehow I end up in this long and stupid argument defending communism as a political theory.

And I think communism is retarded! I just spent two years living in the former Eastern Bloc and got so fucking tired of people blaming everything that was wrong with Bulgaria on democracy and communism was so much better blah blah blah I could have screamed!

So, apparently childhood friends on Facebook turn me communist. My great-grandparents (who were actual communists, Russian Jews and all) would be so proud.

Yeah. I just found out, through a Facebook rant, that my brother-in-law (whom I love dearly) is a birther. He even referred to Obama as “Hussein”. That’s just depressing.

Alan Greenspan, Henry Paulson, Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, The Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, Steven Harper, Jim Flaherty, Mark Carney, Bernie Madoff, Earl Jones, the recent American Housing Bubble, the current Canadian Housing Bubble, AIG, SEC, CMHC, CDOs, CDSs, IOUs, DOA. QED.

What does “the most noble profession” mean?

Are these the things that make you want to go communist or the things that make you want to escape communism?

Working with argon, neon, or xenon.

I believe the OP is referring to “flipping” houses.

CEO salaries, bonuses and golden parachutes really bring out the Bolshevik in me. Workers of the world, unite! Brick the brains that blind you!

Religion. Bring on mandatory atheism!

Also, although I don’t know if it’s any better under a communist system, how 'bout a legal system that doesn’t essentially require a person to be a lawyer to defend himself, buy a house, or write a will?

The National Anthem of the Soviet Union.

It’s a great tune, much better than those of any capitalist, imperialist running dog nation.

My last corporate job was doing research on executive compensation to “justify” CEO salaries, bonuses, and golden parachutes. I did not feel good about my work.

Ain’t that the truth.

So the OP’s price is an empty demand for $55 from one douchebag? Funny, the government actually takes more than $55 from me (a lot of which it practically throws away) every year under threat of legal proceedings, and it doesn’t make me want communism.

Would you prefer the Cuban “healthcare system”?

Damn right.

Landlord for me too, comrade.

In 1985/86 I had half of the top floor of a three story house. Ownership of the house changed about 4 time while I was there. The 3rd landlord said damage deposits were too low and we all had to give him some more.

I checked with the rentalsman (organization that mediates between renters and landlords) and they said the rent can be up to X% of the rent which in my case meant I had to give him the money. Some other tenants who lived in even smaller apartments and payed less rent were over the threshold but paid up anyway as far as I know.

Shortly after landlord III sold the place, landlord IV came and asked if I had a receipt for the damage deposit and, being a clueless 23 year old, I didn’t. Turns out landlord III pocketed everything - original deposit and increase.

What an imperialist lackey?