Things that we trust strangers to do...

Its funny that we don’t trust strangers for some things, but then trust them for things that are even more serious or important.

For example, if a stranger on the street asks you to borrow $10, you’ll most likely tell him to go to hell. But if a stranger is driving a car down the street while you’re crossing, you’ll trust him to stop at the red light.

If a stranger asks you for a sip of your Coke, you’ll once again tell him to get lost. But if a stranger introduces himself, you’ll most likely shake his hand. You’re trusting the person to have clean hands when he might have just sneezed into the hand or “forgot” to wash it after going to the bathroom.

Other examples please…

Well, I think it’s sort of funny that I lock my house when I’m away for more than just an errand, but I leave my mailbox open 365 days a year, for anyone to help themselves to what’s inside. That includes a lot of personal information, financial data, and the like.

Can I borrow ten bucks?

No, but you can have a sip of my coke, though.

[li] put my car together correctly at the assembly plant[/li][li] process and deliver my mail[/li][li] provide electricity, gas and clean water to my house (or anywhere, for that matter)[/li][li] get the facts right in the news reports[/li][li] drive a fire truck/police car/ambulance safely[/li][li] perform the operation correctly and fix/remove the correct body part[/li][li] take care of me in the hospital[/li] pay my hospital bill (my insurance company)

Serve me food.

correctly operate the rollercoaster.

Fly the plane.

arrest the serial killer living next door…

I’ve seen parents leave their children in vehicles or public places, most likely assuming that the people passing by will keep an eye on their child/children while the parent runs into a store, etc.

And when a parent asks a perfect stranger to take their young child to the washroom (if the parent is the opposite sex of the child). I don’t see this one as much as before now that there are “family washrooms” in most public places.

not to push me under the wheels of the bus that I’m waiting for. shiver

Cut my hair.

Ever been in the airport or the bus station or the student center or a similar place when some random person asks you to watch their stuff while they go run to the restroom? The only logic to that is if their stuff winds up missing, they know I took it. The stranger thing is, I think it’s a dumb idea and yet I have done the same thing.

Sure! I figure you’re good for it.

I won’t ask any of you to take my kid to the restroom, though.

Get all of the peanut butter off the raccoon WITHOUT using pliers or the Koran

Someone should take that as a sig.

Trust them to not slap me around or treat me too bad, and leave their money on the dresser when they’re done with me. :wink:

Use my camera to take a picture of me and my mate without running off with said camera.

I do this all the time. And if I don’t, my companion will.

Been there, done that (the bites have finally just healed…)


  1. Know what time it is.

  2. Give directions.

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