Things that will never ever ever go away.

Deciding to ruin my mood for the day, and possibly the week, I took upon myself to try to file all our papers.

You know: Statements for every frickin’ aspect of your life that you must save incase the IRS ever wants to do a body cavity search on you.

I hate filing. Every time we reorganize the system, becomes worse than before. ( I am for the everything has it’s pile system. *He * likes to put everything in little folders that have obsure names on it, like the names of the company dealing with (GMAC Finance) instead of plain old *Mortgag *. Sheesh!

So far, twenty minutes into the project, I’ve decided I would rather have a bikini wax in january than ever do this again.

Naturally, I’ve probably already tossed out receipts to things I’m suppose to save but haven’t. Hell, everything is in Mr. Ujest’s name, let the IRS do a probe on *him *


What won’t go away ever for you?

Well it’s kind of unique, but for me happens at least once every other month and more often during the holidays.

An airline or cargo carrier or military contractor will send us an airplane part to be repaired/overhualed. Typicially 3 days later we’ve established what’s wrong with it and what it’ll take to fix it and send aforementioned a quote. There it will sit…and sit…and sit…and sit.

Roughly 3 weeks later some person (usually not the buyer) will call and ask us where their part is. Oh, it’s right here your company hasn’t approved the work. Get ready here it comes. The person on the other end of the phone inevitably says “Oh no, we need that to go on a plane tonight/tommorrow/this weekend, can you send me a copy of the quote and I’ll get it approved immediately”

5 times out of 10, your truly will have to drop whatever he’s doing to catch a flight somewhere to hand deliver it. Of course I could take another job. But I don’t mind flying as it’s good for reading undisturbed…mostly.

For me it’s dealing with the county library. I’ve been tied up for months, maybe 4 letters and 4 phone calls over some books that “went missing” on my former roommate’s card. If he packed them up they are gone, but they ain’t here and I’m not paying for them. You think they must have been expensive encyclopedias or something? No, just a few 3year old best sellers they have an overstock of now. But they were $30 each new, so I don’t want to pay just to get them out of my hair.

My student loans.

Taxes. I’m thinking more of sales tax than income tax, tho. It does so annoy me that very few things I purchase cost what the price tag says.

<raises twig and berries>

this rash…

does it look infected? Touch it, feel that scaly…
you are looking green

The wheel of fortune, “Friends”.

Horny teenage boys (self-perpetuating, if you give them half a chance - the reason why fathers of teenage girls buy shotguns).

People who don’t recognize my greatness, my intellect, my enormous sexual magnetism (I’ve tried and tried to convince them, but new ones just keep appearing).

Ways to lose money (OK, actually ways for me to throw money away - remember NASDAQ?)

Having to shave my legs

Having people ask me how tall I am, and whether or not I play basketball. (I don’t really mind, actually, but I know that it will never ever stop.)

My bar tab…


For, you see, after I graduate from college I hope to be teaching kids. And where else does one teach kids but in school?

I’m 19 now. I’m hoping that by the time I’m 60 I won’t have to work anymore. At that point my kids will have grown up and have kids of their own, who will be in school. And whenever I talk to my kids, the subject of school will come up.

I doubt I will ever be able to rid myself of school.