Who else saved all their old love letters?

I’m 37 years old, and I still have most of my old love letters from Jr high and high school. My wife thinks I’m weird, but I don’t care. I really don’t know why I saved them, maybe for sentimental reasons. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of those happy days of my life when I was young and had no responsibilities. Anyone else do this?


Now keep them in a box painted black, tied with a black ribbon, that you literally have not touched in three years and two household moves (thanks to the movers), and she’ll really think you’re weird.

Yeah, me too.

(I also have all my emails since 1997 except for the spam I deleted)

I have m very first “Dear Jane” letter somewhere.

I should have known. I was 14 at the time, so was he. He asked me to be his girlfriend by sending his friend to my door to ask if I’d go out with him. Two months later, sent his friend to my door with look of guilt and a note in his hand.

I kept it for its historical value.

I kept mine for a long time, in a box somewhere. Then one day I came across them, and just didn’t care anymore. So they’re gone now, but I did hang on to them for several years.

Yeah, being a stupid romantic, I have all my old letters, photographs, boutineers (sic), and emails all saved and stored away somewhere. Plus any artwork or poems. Why do I keep all these things? I think secretly, I’m a masochist.

I too am guilty . . .

I’m pretty sentimental. I have old love letters, the wallet (soon to retire, thanks to a washing machine) from my one SIGO, tools from my Grandfather, a bayonet from my friend the ‘missile cop’, and various T-shirts I’ve earned along the way.

It’s them things I use day-to-day that I cherish. Hell, I still carried a Cross pen I won in a high school contest up until I lost it a month ago . . .

It’s the little things. :smiley:

Love letters?

Oh, yeah, right, THOSE. Sure. I keep them all…um…in a safe deposit box! That’s it! I have so many old love letters that there were just too many of them to keep at home, but they were all wiped out in the great bank vault fire of 1996. Honest.


I still have mine. I could be seriously blackmailed, and I could do some serious blackmailing. :smiley:

Yes I still have mine. Still friends with those who wrote them, too. :slight_smile:

Not me. I’m not a ‘things’ kind of person, so I tend not to maintain a lot of sentimental-type stuff in my life.

Both the women I’ve been involved in serious relationships with, however, have been really into keeping documents from our times together. One girl had the ambition of keeping all the emails we wrote to each other and publishing them sometime in the future as a book. She took this idea very seriously. I’m sure she still has all the printouts in a gigantic manila folder somewhere.

I still have every personal letter (of the pen-and-paper variety) I’ve ever been sent. (They reside in a box in the basement that takes up less room than a case of beer.) That definitely includes some romantic correspondence, but it’s really a so-what issue. My wife and I have been married nearly eleven years. I didn’t stay together for that many months with any of those other women, and there were good reasons for that.

I kept the ones I got from my first girlfriend. It was a long-distance relationship for a couple of YEARS. We had our time together too, but when it ended I felt so shitty, I decided to take the whole box of 'em up into the hills with a can of gasoline, soaked the box and let 'er rip.

It was saddening, kinda like a cremation, but it was very freeing too.

If I got love letters again from somebody I loved, I’d keep it, maybe even frame it (which may explain why I don’t get any love letters these days).

One of the biggest regrets of my life is that I let someone talk me into destroying all the love letters and pictures of old boyfriends! I was married at the time and a friend asked me why I would want to keep something that has no relevance to what is happening right now. For some reason this made sense to me, so like an idiot, I tore everything up! My husband at the time didnt even know that I had them!! I’ll never forgive myself for being so impetuous!!

I have all the notes passed betweeen my friends and I through out highschool. And up until about 4 years ago, all the love letters from then as well. But one day I was cleaning things up and decided to read them through. The conversation sorta wenta something like this in my head: “What? man was I gullible. Are you kidding? Haahaahaa. Serves you right buddy.” I kept a few of the ones that were sweet or nice, but the rest went in the garbage. Then I went through the notes from my buddies, and ended up keeping all of them. (They were and still are good buddies)

Yep, I still have them.

Yep, I hang on to all sorts of junk. Sometimes I feel guilty for still having them, as the feelings expressed are no longer true. Kind of like I’m holding a false image of a person.

One of my biggest regrets is that I listened to Mom. Why, after 23 years of NOT listening to her, I chose this one time TO listen, I’ll never know. So, before I got married, I destroyed all my photos, mementos and letters from past loves. And yes, I am kicking myself. That is one bit of maternal wisdom that I will not pass on to my own daughters, (or son).

Yep, I’ve got them all. Every letter I’ve ever been sent, most of the notes that were passed to me in High School, etc. I’ve got all the letters in a shoe box and all of the notes from one girlfriend in a heart box that had candy in it. Hey come to think of it she still owes me a kiss from one of those candy hearts that said “Kiss Me”, she told me later, hell by now it’s really built up some interst! :smiley:

Ha, I just remembered, I’ve got this note kicking around from this girl from 3rd grade! It’s got a glow in the dark sticker of Saturn on it, and the note goes something like:

Hello. This is a sticker It is a planet with rings around it. It glows in the dark. This sticker is yours. I am giving it to you. If you turn the lights out, it will glow. etc, etc, etc…
Kind of cute, and pretty funny too. She doesn’t remember giving me that note at all. It’s funny the things that stick with you that might be insignificant to other people.