Things That You Would Really Like To Know That Are None Of Your Mollyfocking Business?

Anything that you would like to know just for your own curiousity, even though they are private and you have no right (or need) to/for the information?

It can be about family members, celebrities, politicians, government issues, conspiracy theories or even just about the weirdo kid who works at the pizza place down the street, but lets leave personal issues about other Dopers out of it, please.

I know it’s tacky and vulgar to speculate about someone else’s personal life, but I would like to know about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s sex life together.

Stuff like:

When was the last time they had sex together?

Has Hillary given Bill a green-light to seek out sex from other women as long as it is discreet?

What would Bill really like to do if he was just an annonymous businessman on a trip to Bangkok or Amsterdam? (three or four girls at once, chubby chicks, potty-play, etc.)

Now I KNOW that none of this is any of my Gawddam business and that Bill Clinton (who I voted for twice) should not have to put up with nosey jackasses like me speculating on the most intimate aspects of his personal life, but that is the whole point.

It’s none of my business but I would still like to know!!!

How about you???

If Lee Harvey acted alone? I suspect SOMEONE else was involved but I have no set theory.

Who Jack the Ripper was? I lean to Aaron Kosminski or someone similar.

I have no doubt Vince Foster killed himself. But was it where he was found?

My (specific) friend’s salary.

I always want to know why people quit/are fired at work. Just last week one of the very few people who actually work at my contract was let go unexpectedly - I would absolutely love to know why.

One of my former roommates in college was a pretty religious girl. Met a guy at church camp, ended up marrying him her senior year and then moving away for grad school.

I found her on Facebook about a year ago, and she’s married and has a kid with a different guy. I REALLY want to know what the hell happened to the first husband, but I don’t want to bring it up. There’s really no good way to say “So, haven’t seen you for ten years…what the hell happened to Phil?”

Ooh, that’s a good one, Drain Bead - I always want to know what happened in relationships, but that really isn’t any of my business.

My stepkids’ mother was adopted. I would really like to know who her birth parents were. For one thing, so that my kids could have some clues about their medical history. The rest of it is simple curiosity.

Two things that are absolutely none of my business but I’m still curious:

Two friends of mine married each other. They left for their honeymoon. They got to their hotel, were there for a couple of hours, the female friend left and filed for divorce.

When I work the polls, there is a woman who comes in to vote. She has a beard. I don’t mean a little down or peach fuzz or even just a few hairs. This is a full-fledged beard. I’m just curious why she has chosen to go with that.

These things are so not my business, it’s not even funny.

What my neighbor does. When I moved into my house, the people we bought the house from told us of his odd comings and goings. And they were odd. About 4 to 5 times a day he would leave the house and be back 15 minutes later. He was constantly getting packages from USPS. Anytime he got one, he brought it in the house and then left right away on one of his 15 minute trips. Mostly stuff like that.
We have a 24 hour post office a few minutes away. I assume he’s an ebay nut and probably just buying and selling stuff but I’ve always been curious.

I would love to see the new technology that is being designed by the military. Living here in Nevada, you hear whispers about certain things (Stealth, long before anyone had actually seen it) and would love to see what they are working on.

Would also like to snoop around and read some reports about foreign governments, just to see what is really going on behind those closed doors.

Wouldn’t mind a tour through the labs at Apple, and many other technology companies to see what they are working on.

Otherwise, I couldn’t care less about private lives of individuals, unless it directly affects me - for instance, I would certainly want to know if some political/military leader is a raging alcoholic drug addict and is in charge of the army or foreign relations, or something like that. However, I don’t care about anybody’s sex life or what films they watch or if they were divorced 33 times or whatever. Why people are obsessed with the private life of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit, or other such celebrities, is a mystery to me.

I want to know what happened there too. Were they of a religious/cultural persuasion that forbid sex before marriage? Or had they been sleeping together for a while before they got married?

The thing I always want to know but it would be so, so, SO WRONG to bring up is why people don’t have kids. Do they prefer a child-free life? Did they want to get pregnant, but couldn’t?

When I was childless by choice, I used to try to casually mention to people that my husband and I didn’t want kids, because I assumed (especially as I got into my mid to late 30s) that they were curious. Of course, then they thought I was a Bad Person, but that was okay.

I’m not sure. This was a couple of years after graduation and I hadn’t seen either since school.

I always assumed they were already sleeping together, but I don’t know that for a fact.

He had been a close friend when we were quite young, fifth and sixth grade, and stayed relatively close through high school.

She was not as close a friend, though my brother dated her sister.

Neither were religious, that I ever knew about.

The mind boggles. :smiley:

There is (was? this was in Anchorage) a woman who rode the same bus I did. She had a dreadlock. Yes, one. She was an older woman, possibly late 70s? She had long grey hair that had formed into one big flat giant dreadlock. It looked like a grey fuzzy beaver’s tail.

The first couple of times I saw here I thought it was part of a knit hat or something, but it wasn’t it’s all her own matted hair. She didn’t really look like you’re typical homeless person, and she didn’t really seem challenged or anything (she was usually reading). I’ve always been cat curious as to when/why she decided to do that to her hair.

NONE Of my business, but I was always curious anyway.

My next door neighbors’ 21-year-old daughter died in October. Rumor had it that she and her dad were camping and got into a fight, and he tried and failed to keep her from driving home drunk. She died four miles from our homes. I’d like to know if the part about her drinking is true, but I’ll never ever ask her parents.

Whenever I read obituaries, I always want to know how the person died.

Me, too.

One of my friends’ babies died at 5 days old in a car accident, and I have always wondered if she was in a car seat, but I don’t want to ask.

I am dying to know if it’s true that Khloe Kardashian has a different father than the others, as I’ve heard. She does look very different than the rest. (Okay, I suck for wanting to know things about celebrities, I guess.)

When I studied abroad in college, I became very close with one of my classmates, who was also American but who went to a different university back in the US. At one point, when we were discussing our families, she told me that her dad was dead, but provided no details.

Much later, she told me that her father had died only a few days before she’d gone abroad; she had left her home in Ohio to visiting family in New York, and was planning on going to Israel from there. But while she was in New York, her dad died, and she’d had to go back to Ohio to sit shiva before leaving for Israel.

Given the circumstances, it was obviously sudden and unexpected. But I was so surprised and tongue-tied that I had no idea how to ask what had happened. That was over ten years ago and we’re still friends, and I still don’t know how her dad died. It’s none of my business, but I will admit that I’m curious.

One of my coworkers kinda called me a slut becaue my sweet baboo has a different skin color than I do. Her 15 year old daughter is now preggy and the father isn’t around. I really, REALLY want to know what color the kid will be.

I also want to know why one of my other friends can’t ride on Saturdays. My dirty mind thinks its cause she got a hard spanking…but I’ll never ask. And no…its not a religious thing.

This. One of my coworkers was canned quite suddenly and it seemed so out of the blue to me. He was a pretty nice guy and was pretty good with customers…so why?

Also, sometimes I read obituaries. I get a little disappointed when they don’t say how the person died. None of my business? Of course. Morbid? Absolutely. I still wanna know. I think I’m going to tell my loved ones that if anyone writes an obituary for me, they should make sure to briefly mention my cause of death. :smiley:

One time, I asked one of my coworkers, E, where she was from, because it’s no secret that she’s from another country. She told me Rwanda. I instantly wanted to know what she did during the 1994 genocide, but I didn’t dare ask. I figured she would tell me herself if she wanted to. I did eventually find out (she’s not Tutsi, but her family ended up having to flee anyway), but man, I was BURNING with curiosity, even though I knew it was absolutely none of my business.

There are a few courses (pretty hardcore ones) that some friends/coworkers of mine have taken (one even teaches one) that I would love to know more about, but I am NO way interested in taking.

The really crazy psyops/survival/interrogation type military courses. I know just enough to be crazy curious and know more than other military members I am friends with thanks to some pretty candid conversations. Dammit I want to know more.

To be a fly on the wall.