Things The Beatles Should Have Done Differently

Quitcherbitching, do your thing, don’t disolve and just get together ever so often and pump out some righteous tunes.

That’s my after 1970 advice. Other than that, I’d concur on the Apple debacle.

And Magical Mystery Tour? Dudes, fine drop acid for two solid years, but stay off the buses and stay in the studios.

And more touring would have been cool too. I realize Beatlemania sucked for them, but once they moved out of pop and into cool, they would have been great in concert. Especially in the 70’s when concert technology started to catch up to their concepts.

Don’t sign with Tom Parker, the man’s a crook.

Oh, wait…

Don’t sign with Allen Klein (J, G, & R, only): the man’s a crook.

Make it explicit in HELTER SKELTER that you’re not saying “let’s start a race war by brutally slaying rich people in Los Angeles”, because let’s be honest, it’s what we all thought the song was saying first time we heard it.

At least one album with George & Ringo contributing half the track (minus Ringo).

Another light comedy instead of LET IT BE and MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR.

I agree.

The break-up (assuming much of the preceding advice was meant to avoid it) was inevitable.

However…they should’ve taken a movie camera and some recording equipment along when they went to go see Elvis.

That must have been a bizarre night.

I wouldn’t change anything at all, except this

No shit! Look, if someone is too fucking sappy for Paul, then you know you’re in trouble. Don’t let that jerk anywhere near Let It Be!

Yeah, keep the men away from the true loves of their lives. :rolleyes:

Keep John from making that “We’re bigger than Jesus” remark, even if it was misinterpreted, and, well, most likely true.

And I definitely agree with keeping Spector the hell away from Let It Be.

It’s not about them! It’s about us! :wink:

John, Paul AND George have said in past interviews that it was the hectic tour/makearecord/tour/etc pace that made them write such great songs. They apparantly worked extremely well under pressure. The fact that the quality of their work slowly but surely atrophied over the years apart from each other attests to this.
Also, Believe it or not, there was a lot of competition in those days.
As far as the OP the only thing I can see that they definitely should have done different would be to have lost Brian Epstein WAY before his OD. He was a really poor manager; he had them sign away most of the royalties to their own songs.

Chris W

You guys know that Paul is re-releasing ‘Let it Be’ this summer - in the original mix he desired, and sans the Wall of Sound.

Yeah…and sell “Last train to Clarksville” to some monir band, like The Monkees.

Or is there some other mike and peter in the area?

You randy scouse. Git.

Paul, don’t release a live album ever again. Ever.

  1. Fire Paul as soon as he’s written Eleanor Rigby.

  2. Don’t let John sing, only write (his voice bugs me).

  3. Move to New York and hang out with Lou Reed

  4. Don’t release Sgt Peppers. Except for Within You Without You and A Day in the Life (rehire Paul for his contribution, then fire him again).

  5. NO MOVIES!!!


  7. The White Album should not have been a double.


  9. Lower production values.

No, more remarks like this, I say. This should’ve been the title of their second album. The Beatles didn’t stir up enough shit.

Uh…gex gex if you fire Paul and make John stop singing, you don’t have the Beatles anymore. You have George and Ringo making subpar albums.

A fair point, but I suppose it depends on perspective and what you’re trying to accomplish. I think it’s fair to say the Beatles definitely lost sales because of the remark. So, if you’re looking at the ‘things they should have done differently’ from a purely selling more records point of view, I think not having the shit storm that followed the remark very well could have helped their sales. But you may even be right on that angle… maybe if they had ‘stirred up more shit’, they might very well have gained a whole new audience that may have been even bigger than the one they lost. We will never know.

And if they had named their second album “Bigger Than Jesus”, the B-Sharps wouldn’t have had a name for their second album! :smiley:

Screw Ringo… they should have kept Pete Best!

  1. Keep Spector away from Let it Be. I have the bootleg version, without him, and it’s much better. (They should add that charge to his trial. He’ll really hang.)

  2. Lock John and Paul together and keep them collaborating. The real
    Lennon McCartney songs are better on average than the White album
    and beyond individual songs.

  3. Just jam more. More stuff like the second side of Abbey Road instead of overproduced, over-mixed stuff.

OK, less John singing. He can still do some. No Ringo singing. John can still write his songs, he’s just got to give more George to the public.

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I, too, would love to hear a George Martin-produced Let It Be. But, ya know, I guess I wouldn’t want them to change anything. The Beatles have moved beyond pop band into mythos. They are icons. They are legends. They are perfect in their own way.

Keep it all the same…