Things to do in Phoenix When You're Dead... or not Dead

It turns out that I am off to Phoenix at the end of the month to spend Memorial Day weekend with my brother. Got the plane tickets, got the hotel, got the rental car, but what I don’t have is any idea of what to do there for four days.

As this is a case of my brother and I hanging out for a weekend I imagine that a lot of what we will do is the same as what we always used to do on weekends. Go to a theater to see whatever might be out at the moment, rent some DVDs, and sit in the same room while starring at our computer screens, all topped off with a masucline dose of arm punching and lengthy discussions about Russian literature.

While I am sure all of that will be fun, it would also be nice to be able to get out and do something unique while we are there. My brother hasn’t lived in Phoenix for 5 or 6 years so he is not the best resource for this question, but I am sure that there are some Dopers who know the area.

So, what would you suggest to oocupy a four day weekend in Phoenix?

Wow, there is so much it’s hard to recall all. Here are some that come to mind.

Heard Museum for Indian culture.
Phoenix Art Museum (close to above)
Theaters for plays
numerous sporting events
great Desert Botanical Garden.
not so great zoo nearby
downtown Scottsdale art galleries

a gazillion great restaurants. If you’re downtown, try the Compass Restaurant, one of those revolving jobs that has great food an wonderful views of the whole Valley, day or night. Atop the Hyatt Regency.

Symphony Hall has musical preformances

If time, drive up to Sedona, take a jeep tour. Otherwise, just get out and drive and/or hike through the desert.

In one long day, you can drive to the Grand Canyon, take a bus tour or drive along it yourself, and get back.

Climb Camelback Mtn or Piestawa Peak in the middle of Phoenix, but only if you are in good shape.

Go up to Cave Creek for some funky saloons such as the Horny Toad or the Satisfied Frog.

While there, take a hike in Spur Cross Ranch.

Spend a couple of hours just driving around Phoenix and Scottsdale and Paradise Valley to see all the interesting homes and landscaping.

Of course if you golf, there are almost as many courses as inhabitants.

Cheech, there are probably a lot I’m forgetting, so contact the Phoenix Visitor’s Bureau for more.

When you walk, drive, hike or climb, always have lots of water available, wear a hat and shades, and cover up or use sunscreen. The elevation is 1,000 ft, and even now temps are in the 100s (that’s warm, by the way. It is not “hot” until above 110. :smiley: ). And the humidity tends to be very low (single digits), so keeping hydrated is essential.

Bring a camera!

Thanks! That is a great list of ideas.

The musuems and art galleries are definitely on the list now. I am currently looking into theater performances that weekend, and finding a lot of great stuff. Thanks again for the help.

A quirky and fun place to visit is Mystery Castle. It’s neither a mystery nor a castle, but it’s huge, has 13 fireplaces and has an interesting history. Tours are $5, but you might be able to meet the daughter of the guy who built the place (she still lives there), and she’s a hoot.

Well there’s algor mortis, rigor mortis, livor mortis, decomposition. Perhaps you might wind up accumulating some grave wax!

You could also feed the worms.

If you like architecture, take a tour of Taliesin West (Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home/school) in Scottsdale