Things to do in Phoenix in the heat

I’ve got to be in Phoenix this Friday-Saturday for business, and wanted to extend my stay a little. Can anyone give me a suggestion for something fun to do in Phoenix and its surrounding areas?

I’ll be working most of Friday, but Sat is free.


Meet up with fellow Phoenix Dopers?

Could definitely be a plan…

more details of trip will be forthcoming.

Should also ask, what are your interests? I can suggest places to hike, places to rollerblade, places to see live music (classical, jazz, blues, or rock), museums, etc.

It would be great to meet you though.

TheLadyLion is well on the mend so we’ll be able to make a mini-get together Saturday evening perhaps.

Our World Champion Diamondbacks will be in town playing the Toronto Bluejays.

Um… drive to Flaggstaff?

ex Arizonan

I’d go to a game but LadyLion is bored to tears by baseball.

I could more than likely do a Saturday evening get together. Someone e-mail me if it’s going to happen?

It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as it is air conditioned or it’s very early in the morning. :smiley:

You could go to Sedona. I really dig Flagstaff and San Francisco Peaks and also make sure you get out on the Mogollon Rim and look out over Arizona. Cool stuff

Gah!- at this moment, it looks like the irritating travel person has to fly me back Sat afternoon. So, Friday night looks like my only shot to meet the Phoenicians…

I’m going to try and amend the trip- more details to follow.

Oh man, I can’t do it tonight I already have plans :frowning:

If things change and you can swing a Saturday deal, shoot me an e-mail (in profile).