Things to do when you're bored that you wouldn't consider doing unless you're bored

yeah… I’m bored. This thread is for people to post interesting things to do… please join in and please try these things. Please don’t suggest stupid stuff or something that could cause harm to someone… such as drilling holes in your head to get high.
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Make a thread on an online forum suggesting things for people to do when they get bored.
Ring on a String

Tie a ring to one end of a piece of string about one foot in length. Hold the ring over the palm of either hand by the loose end of the string. Ask the ring on a string “yes” and “no” questions. When the ring on a string swings back and forth, that is a “yes”… when the ring on a string swings in a circular motion, that is a “no”. Make sure to keep your hand and fingers holding the ring on a string VERY still. You do not need to make it move… it will move on it’s own… the ring on a string knows EVERYTHING.

(actually this is just a fun way to learn about and study and experiment with the Ideomotor effect)
Changing Faces
(this one requires a partner or a mirror)

In a dimly lit room (a room with only a black light on works great), stare into the face of your partner, or stare at your own reflection. Don’t move your eyes, just focus on one spot of your partner’s face or your reflection… try not to blink. The partner’s face or your reflection will appear to morph and change shapes. This can be very creepy…
Burn an Image in Your Mind
(this one is SO cool)

First, get a camera with a flash. Next, go somewhere completely dark… then aim the camera and it’s flash at anything in the dark room and look in that direction… finally, take a picture and as soon as the flash goes off and it’s dark again close your eyes (not tight, just comfortably like if you were trying to sleep) and relax and concentrate on the image that will slowly appear behind your closed eyes. You will see an image of what you were looking at when the flash went off… this really DOES work. The image won’t last too long, but it lasts long enough to get a good look.

Look at the questions in GQ. Honest, most of them would be answered faster, more completely, and more accurately if they were posed in Google. Cecil’s columns, GQ, and questions for the SDMB are more for nuanced, not quickly answered questions. I have spent time linking the obvious questions Cecil gets to the obvious answers a moment’s research finds. Wikipedia has long ago forced us to adopt that method. Dismiss it for its blunders, but Wikipedia is a wonderful resource. You can’t take it at face value, but it usually provides a (virtual) paper trail.

whenever I have a few minutes and nothing much to do, I will transcribe a favorite recipe into a small hardback spiral bound notebook. Recipes that are not in cookbooks, that have been seriously modified but we really like the way it turns out.

Go to some small interesting store or cafe that you keep driving past but never manage to stop and check it out.

Randomly google some keyword that strikes you as interesting some time. Or flip google to images and google a place name. Browse the results.

masturbating for the third time that day.

How can you get that bored before breakfast?

When I’m bored I like to look through the phone book and find people with weird names.

Like, there is a guy named P.P. Turdo in the Baltimore Metro White Pages. I have gotten years of enjoyment out of that one. I swear if it weren’t for Caller ID I would have SO cranked his ass by now!

(Actually a couple of years ago he changed his listing to his first two names spelled out, as in, ___ ___ Turdo. Gee, I wonder why? :p)