Things We Collect

My boys are engulfed lately in the Pokemon trading card thing.They also collect baseball cards,coins/currency from around the world, and comic books.(the youngest has a few beanie babies.)

I collect characters from children’s books(and the books). (stuffed dolls, figurines, pictures, misc.)
Classic toys,old toys,games.(I listed a few in the Toys! board)
Antique bottles(I like old medicine types,preferably with writing)
I always seem to be drawn to copper jello molds and those old chamber room pitcher and bowl sets,though I have none. soon.
These things just make me happy, I have no story behind why I enjoy them, I just do.

So, what do you guys collect? Any particular reason why? are there items you would like to start collecting?

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I collect tea pots… i have about 65 of them… a couple of antique ones, houses, two monkeys doing the huki huki, various animals, christmas tea pots, etc. over the years i have received them as gifts. Im not sure why i started to collect them, i guess i just liked the uniqueness of them

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I collect holidays. The more obscure the better. I am always on the lookout for days to celebrate. Like Guy Fauks day and Pancake day. I have all the ones on regular American calendars, including all Canadian holidays. Still looking for more obscure holidays. I hope to someday have an excuse to celebrate every day of the year. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Peppery: My birthday is July 1st. Feel free to celebrate.

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ok I collect those little glass, stone, ceramic eggs. ever seen em?? for some odd reason I just love those things!

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“Collecting” is overstated for what I do…
Weird critters…a pewter aardvark; a plastic penny bank from “Little Shop of Horrors” (feed me! give it a penny…); a beautifully make ceramic dinosuar egg—w/ a pair of very reptilian eyes peering out through the cracked shell; a beaver carved from Mt. St. Helens ash…you get the idea.
Okay. I’m certifiable.

Boxes. Any and all kinds. if you shared a room with a sibling, you had to keep your things hidden. I have boxes from all over, and a really HUGE one from our big screen TV that I just might make into a castle.

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Big marbles, little marbles, old marbles, new marbles, hand-made marbles, glow-in-the-dark marbles.

Guess I’m making up for the ones I lost a few years back. . .

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And now, for my next trick, I will talk in spooky half-references.

I collect vintage Ferrari’s. But I’m not very good at it though.


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I just recently started collecting all sorts of smoking paraphernalia - table lighters, ashtrays and cigarette boxes. I also sort of collect shot glasses - although I’ve lost quite a few of them in my last few moves. I used to have a ton.

Evidently, I’m only cabable of collecting things that pertain to my vices. If you could smoke Beanie Babies, I might have some.

Every movie and theater ticket I buy. Well, the stubs anyway. I used to carry them all in my wallet. Turned into a Sienfeld episode. “I had a mint in there.”

I buy reference books. I don’t have to read them, just collect. Also some product catalogs. My wife uses them once in a while, she translates, She might want to see a 96 well plate or an Eppendorf pipette.

I collect books published by a little outfit in Sauk City, Wisconsin, called Arkham House.

August Derleth started it in 1938 in order to publish H.P. Lovecraft’s fiction in hardcover. Since then they’ve published about 160 volumes of horror fiction and dark fantasy, mainly by pulp writers who had their stuff printed in the magazine WEIRD TALES.

The books were (and are) all beautifully done…fine production standards, terrific jacket art. I have over a hundred of 'em…pretty much all of them that can be obtained for under $200. The rarer editions (the early Lovecraft stuff, Clark Ashton Smith, Ray Bradbury’s first book) all go for thousands of bucks.

And yes, I read them.


Peppery, this was posted just yesterday I believe. Here is a truly obscure holiday.

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I collect bears. All kinds, all sizes, all colors, made out of just about anything (glass, marble, wood, paper, resin, ceramic…). I’ve got bears that are worth over $1,000 (or so I’m told) and bears that are worth $1.00. Over 400 in all (about 1/4 of which are Christmas tree ornaments). Oh, and all of the bears were given to me as gifts. In fact, I have a rule that I can’t buy any bears to add to my collection. Which is a good thing, 'cuz I live in a one-bedroom apartment.

I’ve also started a collection of cook books. I don’t cook, I just like to read cook books.

My wife collects baskets, the expensive handmade kind. Is there anyone else cursed with a basket obsessed spouse, I am thinking of starting a support group.

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i used to collect john kruk baseball cards (the all time greatest).
no i collect guitars.

I collect old maps and atlases. One of my prize posessions is a copy of the Brittanica Atlas dating back to the middle of World War II. I’m trying to find one dating back to WWI, but that’s a mite beyond my means right now.

I also collect Star Trek-related literature. I have just about every novel ever written, and every comic book produced in the past twenty years, except for five or six which have eluded me for some reason.

Modest? You bet I’m modest! I am the queen of modesty!

Neuro, are you single by any chance :wink:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Peppery- the calendar I have in front of me here at work says Sunday is United Nations Day. Woohoo! Kegger at my place! and Monday is Holiday in Ireland. Holiday? that’s it? just Holiday? they just sprinkle misc. holidays around with no particular reason? Well, those Irish do know how to party, I’ll give 'em that.
Wait a sec, I think I just contributed to a hijack of my own thread.
Curses, foiled again!

so you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts. what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts? Tori Amos