Things we miss

Other than old shoes, what are some other every day things that you miss?

  • Quarter Pounders at McDonald’s served in those styrofoam boxes instead of wrapped in paper

  • Flair pens

  • Coca-Cola BEFORE it was called Coke Classic

  • Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show

  • Department and drug stores that had a lunch counter

Coke flavored with different syrups at the lunch-counter.

You can still get the flavored syrups at Steak’n’Shake restaurants. Don’t know if those are everywhere, though.


American Motor’s Javelin/AMX
Evel Kenevel Motorcycle Jumps
Pre-AIDS free love
Sid & Marty Kroft shows
Gas at $0.32 a gallon
My Dad

Now that most TV stations stay on 24 hours, I miss it when they’d close out the day’s broadcast with the national anthem.

To actually join in on the discussion proper, things I miss include:

  • Some old friends

  • Those good times back at college

  • Freaks and Geeks

  • Alan Wilder being in Depeche Mode

…and so on.


I miss the relatives that have passed away. My great-grandfather was the last great-grandparent to die, and he passed away in the summer of 1999.

I miss some of the friends that I’ve lost contact with.

I miss some old shows that were on in my youth, and will probably never air again. I’m thinking “You Can’t Do That on Television!” here.

I miss the old MTV and VH1…the ones that actually showed music videos.

I miss the way movie theaters used to have a curtain drawn across the movie screen. It always seemed to have a dramatic flair when the curtain opened before the show began.

Casey Kasem hosting “America’s Top 40”

My local AM station’s weekly Top 30 list. They would print them on colored 5x7 cards and you had to get them at the record store.

Uh, record stores that just sold records (the vinyl kind).

Looking forward to Christmas.

Fall preview shows the networks would run in late summer.

The mosquito man. (Yeah, I know, an old truck spewing poisonous gas into the air, but still…)

Summer break in school!

Looking up a at deep blue sky. That’s it. Just looking.

Oh yeah, big white fluffy clouds.

Being able to buy a video game system and a nice set of peripherals for $150, and knowing that it’d be around for years.

Local, completely independently-run arcades and machines that took quarters.

“2 tokens to start, 1 to continue.”

Easy-to-read TV listings which covered the entire day.

Actually having a use for a bicycle.

Discernable differences between Democrats and Republicans.

The most alarming statistic about elections being the abysmally low turnout, and not the number of “wasted” votes for third party candidates which possibly might have conceivably gone to a major candidate…maybe…if the third party candidate hadn’t run.

Being able to express concern about offensive language, completely inappropriate office behavior, or discrimination without instantly being labelled “politically correct”.

Pop culture before we developed a hijillion squillon hang-ups about it, thus making it a crime to enjoy anything. (Yes, I think N’Sync has a few good songs…so sue me!)

Cabooses on freight trains.
My grandparents.
Drug stores with soda fountains.
late '50’s–early '60’s

Wait, I forgot one. I really miss FireUnderpantsBoobs. What ever happened to her?

Diet Crystal Pepsi

Also, interface2x, no, Steak n Shake isn’t everywhere. I have to go to the Chicago suburbs annually for my Steak n Shake fix.

Lunar Rotation-it was Sunday evening radio show on 107.5 in Houston when I was in high school. For a few hours every week, the DJ played alternative, indie and obscure stuff. I can’t even begin to name all that stuff I heard there for the first time: Ani DiFranco, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Odds, that dog, Nirvana covering the Velvet Underground, REM covering Leonard Cohen’s “First We Take Manhatten.”

MTV’s Liquid Television

Earth Alert-the store that for years took care of all my incense needs.

I miss towns putting traffic lights on blink late at night because of the low to non-existant volume of traffic.

Mrs. Gooch’s health food store. (On Glendale Ave., in Glendale, CA. It’s now a “Whole Foods”. Not the same.)

My dad.

My friend Billy (he died at age 83).

Watching TV without having the “split screen” crap start up as soon as the end titles start. On the same note, watching TV without the “watermark” at the bottom corner of the screen, which is annoying and obscures part of the picture.

Bert’s Market, in the LaCrescenta area of Glendale. (Corner of Honolulu and Pensylvania Aves.) It was a nice little mom-and-pop grocery store, and that’s where we all went to when we were kids.

KFAC-FM (L.A.'s Classical station). I miss hearing Carl Princi and the other announcers. And listening to the “Lemmle (sp?) International Movie Hall” every Saturday at 2:30 on KFAC. I heard a lot of great (and bizarre) film scores on that program.

Are they ever going to bring back the Cafeteria at Yosemite Lodge? I grew up eating there. They have had the same Blue Cheese dressing and the same red drink straws forever. And then, in just the last few years, they have been “renovating” the Cafeteria, and I fear it’ll never be back as the Cafeteria I remember.

Speaking of Yosemite, I miss the Chevron Station in Yosemite Valley. There are no more gas stations in the Valley. Probably a good thing on one hand, but I grew up with that damned station.

Saturday Night Live, when it was good.

New NES games.

Leaping out of bed at 8:30 on Satuday mornings to catch Garfield and Friends and all the other Saturday morning cartoons.


Star Trek: The Next Generation.

New Peanuts comic strips.

Many, many people…


I miss the McD.L.T.–that was the McDonald’s sandwhich that was hot on one side and cold on the other and you put it together yourself.

I miss cigarettes. I also miss alcohol and certain drugs, but I really miss cigarettes. And hanging out with a certain friend of mine, drinking Budweiser and smoking cigars.

I miss browsing in this store called Toad Hall–tons of used books, hardback and paperback both, records, comic books, fantasy artwork, magazines, FRPGs–but mostly it was the books and music that I loved.

I miss the characters and stories of Marvel Comics in the Eighties, and the fact that each issue of most of those comic books costed a mere sixty cents.

I miss Heinz 57 steak sauce before it became New and Improved. I think they supposedly made it unnew and unimproved again, but it was never the same, I don’t care what anybody says.

I miss seeing new episodes of MAS*H.

I miss finding new books in the Richard Blade series (pulp sci fi, lots of gratuitis sex and violence, only two or three different plots in the whole thirty-odd book series, but I liked it).

I miss Siskel and Ebert.

Whole bunch of other stuff as well.

BTW, Mr. Blue Sky, we still got the mosquito man in parts of Arkansas.

Diet Cherry Coke

This little four-year-old girl who used to give me bear hugs

WKRP reruns

That good-lookin’ gal that I hung out with in high school

Hey, they still do that in Hawai’i…they show the American flag waving and places in hawai’i and stuff…I think…haven’t seen it in a while but yea.
I miss my nintendo famicon (yep, the Japanese one)
I miss home
I miss friends I lost touch with
I miss you babe…(sorry:D )

We have one local station that goes off the air at midnight on weekends. They play the anthem, then put the weather radar display up for five hours.

The networks still do fall preview shows, our local affiliates seem to show them at times when only I am watching. Damn insomnia.

My town still puts the street lights on blink on the main streets. As run down as the downtown is, it’s a little spooky.

My list:

My Dad (especially lately)

Chili-lime buffalo wings from the Wal-Mart deli.

Due South

Pop music on AM radio. Hell, music on AM radio.

Tuesday night discounts at the local theatre.

The Red House Book Store - a ratty looking building filled with all kinds of used books. Run by a woman, who apparently read everything ever written in English. You would always walk out with tons of books, and tons more that you wanted. No other used bookstore compares.


Old movies on late night TV.

My last two dogs.

The first crisp wind of fall burning your lungs with cold air. We’ve had mild autumns for so long now, haven’t felt it in five years. Made me feel alive.

That pair of khaki shorts that women said I looked good in. :cool:

My high school algebra teacher’s legs. A total bitch, but damn, what a pair of gams!

Got me all misty-eyed, but I’ll probably be back with more…