Things where prices have skyrocketed during the pandemic

There is a thread for items that have disappeared due to the pandemic (certain less popular sodas for examples, or for a while toilet paper), but I don’t know if there is a thread for items that haven’t disappeared, just seen the prices spike.

Lumber for one. Prices are a lot higher than a year ago.

In Berlin: real estate.

Restaurant food pricing has risen 30-50% in some places near me. Not all, but some places are barely hanging on and have to raise prices or shut down.

Maine Coon kittens. They were around 750 three years ago, closer to 2500 now.

Computer graphics processing units. Due to a combination of production problems, increased gaming demand due to the pandemic, increased cryptocurrency mining demand, and rampant scalping/arbitrage they cost like 3x what they used to, when you can even get them.

Case in point- I got a Sapphire Pulse Radeon 5600xt GPU for $289 back in early February of 2020. Now a year later, IF you can find a 5600XT card, they go for about $1000. That’s for a year old card, not the latest ones. And the newer ones are even worse in terms of the going prices.

It seems like sodas are more expensive than they used to be, although I don’t have any historical data to back that up.

Seconded. I had a new deck on my house quoted in May of last year. By the time they were able to get started (thank you local bureaucracy) the redwood prices had nearly doubled. Ouch.

Notarizations. Where I am, most firms are operating virtually, which does not cut it, and of those who are meeting in meat space with clients, most are only doing so for established clients working on substantive matters, but not for walk-ins just needing a notarization. The few who do house calls charge by the hour, including travel, so rather than a fee based on six minutes, a fee based on five to ten times that is more likely despite the hourly rate not having changed.

Not prices but wait times, every single vet in my area now has a months long waiting time to get your pet seen except for emergencies. I’ve been trying to get my cat neutered but was quoted a month away appointment. Previously you could schedule an appointment within the week.

All computer hardware, actually. The demand has risen because everybody stays home and lots of people had to get new hardware to work/school from their homes.

ETA: regular hardware (laptops, printers and such) may not have risen in price 300 % as in your example, but I’ve noticed a rise of about 30 % in regular hardware at least.

Florida real estate. Every comfy-class New Yorker (Northeasterner really) who doesn’t already own a place here wants one ASAP.

Webcams. They disappeared for a while at the beginning. They’re mostly back in stock now, I think, but still more expensive than before. Or possibly the cheaper ones are just still not staying in stock. We had to borrow one from a friend who had a spare back at the beginning of distance learning. They recently asked for it back, and it seemed like everything I could find was really expensive.

Real estate is up in Indianapolis too, I think 20%. I have no idea why.

Residential real estate?

It has been predicted that commercial real estate will utterly tank, and then, as commercial real estate gets converted to residential, then residential could take a nosedive, too, but it might make sense that, at least in some areas, it might go up first. People have been nesting like crazy. And need more space for home offices, kids who moved home because of not going off to college, or being laid off, moving grandparents in because nursing homes are not an option they want, or they needed help with kid supervision and distance learning on top of working from home, etc.

Housing in Texas, at least in the DFW area.

Quoting this article from local news:
“Fifteen offers, 25 offers, we even had one last week with 97 offers — and the list price is the starting point,” according to Wolfe. “An agent in our firm received 17 offers on a property before they cut off receiving any additional offers. Twelve of the offers were cash, all above list, and most buyers not even seeing the home. They are just grabbing.”

Watching zillow for fun, the estimated for my (not on the market) house is rising about 1-2% per month. As retirees, we’re discussing whether we should take the money and run (to somewhere cheaper).

Food prices seem to be going up. My little $1.29 candy bar went to $1.79. A fifty cent increase seems like a lot to me. Same with Diet Pepsi.

Kitchen Aid mixers are sort of expensive so I thought I’d get a mini version. They seem to be as high as the regular size used to be, if you can even find one.

Just saw a report on the news that Denver real estate was up 17% year over year in February. My guess is it is all of the people stuck at home and realizing they don’t like it.

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Maine Coon kittens. They were around 750 three years ago, closer to 2500 now.

Dog breeders have also raised their prices to crazy amounts. We were looking for a boxer puppy a few months ago. In the past, they were under $1000. Now they start at $2500 and go up from there. So no boxer puppy for us.

Web cams became hugely expensive.

Huh. That’s two for webcams. I must’ve just got in on it late or lucky – bought mine in November for $15. (Somehow, I’ve managed to never get around to buying a webcam for my desktop; I just used a laptop whenever I needed video.) Looking for it now, though, it does show up as unavailable.

I have the same impression. I used to spend about 30 cents per can (sometimes 25) but now I’m at about 44 cents per can generally. Part of that is the difference between the in-store pickup price and the delivery. I believe I read that there is a can shortage which might also be having an impact. With people drinking at home instead of bars, kegs are out and cans are in.

Seems like it here too. Mrs. Charming and Rested wants a bigger house too but prices in the neighborhoods we want have seemingly gone up by maybe 30%. We’re going to wait a bit.

I wonder if some of the reported price increases are because there is a changing mix of housing sales. I think the reported prices are for median sales prices in the area but there are probably fewer sales of condos in this market and relatively more single family homes, which historically sold at higher prices. I don’t know if the home price increases for single family homes everywhere are quite as dramatic as the median number indicate.