Things you don't see after a blue wave election (comic)

Just a little look at what it might look like if the media responded to a blue wave the way they respond to, say, republicans squeaking out a close win in 2016. I found it funny, didn’t know where else to put it.

It is accurate enough, but what was funny about it? I’m missing something.

How is it accurate? I do see things like this. Including this. Is this like the flag pictures and pictures of Jesus that Facebook doesn’t allow that I see all over Facebook?

I ***do ***recall indeed seeing things to this effect after 2012. Comics and pundits opining that the GOP needed to majorly reform itself on the stance of illegal immigration and amnesty, for instance, if it wanted to have any chance of winning in the future. It was also the year of the Todd Akin election.

2013, Bobby Jindal: “stop being the stupid party.”