Things you finally notice in A Christmas Story....

I’ve seens it countless times. I’ve watched many TBS marathons every season. I never paid attention, until today, the scene at the Christmas parade. Randy points and yells, Mickey Mouse!" Camera cuts to Mickey Mouse running up on Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz & tries to feel her up or something. She pushes him and runs off while Tin Man & winged monkeys go after Mickey shoving him away. Mickey then does this “aw shucks” gesture. Damn! Didn’t know Mickey was such a perv.

lol wow I have no memory of that scene whatsoever and I’ve seen the movie countless times.

I only noticed a couple of years ago that the filmmakers recycle the entire audio from the “sitting on Santa’s lap” scene. Almost as soon as the family enters the department store, you can hear it in the background, a few minutes before the actual scene.


A continuity thing, maybe – when Scott Farkus and his toady are punching each other’s arms, Farkus’s last punch lands on toady’s left arm but it looked like toady went “Ow” and rubbed his right arm.

Something weird – when Ralphie gets his C+ theme back, the teacher had written her comments in crayon. Crayon? The teacher?

Was Flick’s tongue really stuck to the pole? It sure looks like it!

Love the movie. Watched twice today, in between conversation with family.

I noticed that the only adult Black men shown in the film are two of Black Bart’s dead bad guys (there’s also a quick shot of a Black girl about Ralphie’s age in the “tongue on the flagpole” scene).

Are there any other Blacks in the film?

There’s one black kid in Ralphie’s class.

According to a documentary I saw about the movie, the pole is hollow. Flick placed his tongue over a tiny hole that’s not visible in the shot and the crew used a vacuum to “stick” his tongue to the pole.

There are a couple of black kids in Ralphie’s class. Maybe more, but at least two for sure.

We just noticed that bit this year, too! What a weird thing to put in a movie.

Weird. I’m visiting my cousins for the holidays, and surfin’ the Dope while I watch this movie for the first time ever, and I read this posting just as that scene occurs…

There’s the group singing “Go Tell it on the Mountain” in the scene outside of Higbees.

When the family is leaving the house (to go get the Christmas tree, I think), Mom unplugs the [del]major award[/del] lamp and says she doesn’t want to waste electricity. Nearly every other light in the house is left on.

Pretty sure that’s intentional - she just doesn’t want the neighbors to see the awful lamp, so she comes up with the first (very lame) excuse that comes to mind. Edit: Just realized this is a “things you just noticed” thread so that comment still works here. :smack:

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Bear in mind that director Bob Clark’s two previous films were Porky’s and Porky’s II. :smiley:

Aye, that’s the joke. Ferret Herder nailed it.

The character’s name is Scut Farkus, not Scott.
My own revelation - there’s a bowling alley right next door (upstairs?) to the Chinese restaurant at the end of the movie.

And the “O” in the neon “BOWLING” sign is burned out, suggesting that the name of the Chinese restaurant is “BO LING”. :wink:

Um, if the O was out, it most certainly not have appeared to be BO LING.

Sorry, the W. :smack:

Maybe it was a grease pencil. When I was in elementary school some of the teachers did that (1960s).