Things you misinterpret on purpose

Whenever I read something that mentions Jesus, I like to think it’s the Hispanic name pronounced heySUS.

I see what you did there.
But what was wrong with the first version? HUAAC? I’m not seeing that.

This, except I don’t do it on purpose, the misinterpretation is pretty much automatic. I see the whole thing, and I immediately think “ham fighters.”

Whenever I see the title “Mad Max Fury Road,” I think that it says “Mad Max Furry Road.” I then imagine furry cosplayers in furry animal-like costumes attacking an oil truck going across the outback.

We keep some Clabber Girl brand baking powder in the pantry that is at eye level and off to the side. Whenever I go into the pantry to look for something it always catches my attention in my periphery. I can’t help but always turn towards it and whisper “Clever Girl” like the hunter from Jurassic Park.

Wikipedia has an entry on Milton “Gummo” Marx. He appeared on stage with Groucho, Chico and Harpo in early shows but later decided to go into business - apparently with some success - and was replaced by Zeppo. There is speculation on the origin of his nickname, but no one (except me) seems to think it has anything to do with Genetically Modified Organisms.

I suspect it’s because House Un-American Activities Committee can be parsed the House committee that commits un-American activities.

That said, when I looked them up, all the committees seem to have names like that now, so it may not have been specifically renamed due to that implication.

I misinterpret “things” on purpose? No I don’t. Seems a rather sweeping accusation. I don’t misinterpret “things” at all, let alone on purpose.

Without risking a political jab warning, it was openly renamed for exactly the reason you guessed.

Boss: “You can use your own judgment on this, Jasmine.”

Jasmine: “Yea, I can do whatever I want!” :smiling_imp: