Things you need closure on . Spoilers .

I am home sick and watching TV, alone, for the first time in years.

The Pretender is on and I loved that show, Jared is hot, hot hot.

But my burning question is: How did the show end? What happened to Jared?

The last episode guide

Jared got really fat and then moved to a small apartment above Subway.

I’d like a TV movie wrapping up “John Doe”.

(spoilers! you were warned!)
Yes, I heard the explanation that JD died and that when people die they get all the information for the afterlife and JD came back. But even if this is the explaination there are other questions: how did JD die? Whats the deal with the secret organizations? Will Stella go out with me?


I would have appreciated more closure in the final episodes of Twin Peaks (“How’s Annie? How’s Annie?”) and Nowhere Man.

I realize why they ended Angel the way they did, but I’d really like to see that last fight scene.

Not exactly… There were two made for tv movies after the series end. I can’t remember the names, but a google search should bring up results.

Ah, I’m first to mention Farscape, I see. I despised that cliffhanger series ending and, although I’m glad that the new mini-series in October will wrap things up, I have no idea when it will be broadcast in Canada. Avoiding spoilers after its initial US broadcast will be damned difficult considering how long I’ve been waiting for closure.

Also, I really want to know how the Firefly movie is shaping up. Spring 2005 can’t come soon enough.

Well, in my universe, as soon as the camera turned off, Willow teleported in with Buffy and 150 slayers.


Ah! Perfect! Thanks!


I think that those of us who suffered through 9 seasons of The X-Files (and who really suffered the last 2-4 seasons) deserved a little better than a clip show final episode.

Well, the worst ever… [Personal Anecdote] The old 1950s Disney TV show ZORRO was a favorite of mine when I was a kind, we’re talking 1957 or 1958. One season, the arch-villain was called The Eagle and was a sort of Moriarity, a Napoleon of Crime in Spanish California. So, various bad guys through the season were carrying out nefarious plans on behalf of this unseen, unknown criminal genius. This was a season-long build up to three climactic shows where Zorro was to actually meet (and defeat) the Eagle face-to-face.

Only I was sent off to summer camp – the one and only summer in my childhood when my parents thought it would be good for me. And so I missed the three final episodes. A friend wrote me about them, but I was heartbroken. And old TV shows didn’t get re-run in those days, so gone was gone.

It was not until around 1983 or so (I’m going from memory here, so I could be off a year or two) when we got cable and the Disney Channel started showing the ZORRO series that I finally got to see those missed episodes from my childhood. Of course, I saw them with my own children, but a 25-year lag has to count for some sort of record.

In mine, Illyria, who is experienced in demon warfare on a mass scale, urges the others to kill the leaders.
“Great, which ones are the leaders” asks Gunn.
“Go for the ones in the coolest outfits”, Angel replies.
Spike dives in, captures a weapon, and everybody commences killing the ones in the coolest outfits.

Then they all get the hell out of the way as the demon army turns in on itself as the lower ranking evil beings fight it out to see who gets to take over command.

Oh, yeah, and Gunn lives.

Sam Beckett never gets homes. Donald Bellisario lost all my trust with that last episode.

Why yes, I am bitter.


Your version is remarkably like mine until this part.

In mine, Gunn meets the heart-stealing demon from the holding dimention… But on the Material Plane…his heart doesn’t grow back. (Wes is dead, Fred is taken over by a demon just as she gets likable again, Lorn’s left, and the interesting version of Gunn is lobotomized back to the original version…I’ll be damned if I let the annoying version of Gunn stick around!)


Same here. I was really hoping they’d release the season on DVD and add in all the info needed to wrap everything up.

[possibly interesting hijack]
My wife and I got to see the pilot several months before it aired. She got a phone call from some telemarketer doing a survey on television habits. When she was done answering all their questions, they asked if they could mail us a tape of a show that may possibly air. They sent it to us, we watched, and they called back with a million questions about how it was, how it could be better, etc.

It was more or less the same as the one that aired, except Jamie was much younger (still in high school, IIRC), and Digger was played by Meat Loaf.

“When are they going to get to the fireworks factory?!?!!”

– Milhouse, venting his frustration over the lack of closure to the “Poochy” episode of Itchy and Scratchy

The CIA drama The Agency on NBC. It was cancelled last year, and I only saw the first half of the two-part series finale. What happened after whatsername got kidnapped by the North Koreans?

Did Odyssey 5 ever have an ending or did it just sort of fade away? Did they ever explain what Leviathian or Bright Sky (was that it) was?