Things You Shouldn't Need To Tell People

And individuals.

(“women love it when…”)

If the product is free, you’re the product.

And surviving such does not mean some sky guy or doll has An Important Mission for you.

“Classical” music is still being composed by thousands and enjoyed by millions.

Woman at U-pick farm, in a row of flowers, calling out to worker: “Can these bees, like, sting us?”

Farm worker (after a deep breath, smiling): Yes. So be careful. (Then, under her breath:) No, we’ve specially trained them to be kind and never sting…)

I completely agree with this, however believe this is ABSOLUTELY SOMETHING YOU SHOULD TELL PEOPLE!

Stinky Bastards!

Pick up after yourself! Or I’m telling your mama! You know she raised you better’n that!

So that you’re making sure to share it with strangers.

Chew with your mouth closed.

In addition to that, just because you’re still awake at 1:00 am doesn’t mean your neighbors are.

Also, since it was after midnight you were technically celebrating July 5.

Don’t talk with your mouth full.

That would render you damn near Mute, Burpo! :smiley:

Oh, Heavens! What has been Implied Here???

If I need to write down a phone number or other string of numbers, telling me oneseveneightzerofivefivefiveonetwothreefour is the least helpful thing you can do. Slow down, this ain’t no auction.

This is something that HAS to be told. to people.

3-2-1 Backup. 3 copies of your data (your original is 1), 2 on the the same or different media (but not SSDs, flashdrives or SDs, which are not archival), 1 copy kept offsite physically or cloud.…69i57.3392j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

Live, and let live.

Be aware of confirmation bias This is especially true because of the huge amount of information available today.

“I believe X is true, therefore I’m going to find citations that match my belief and ignore everything else!”

Yes, I know my post above potentially falls into that category, so here’s the other side:

Kind of…It’s really hard to think of a search string to bring up results that refutes the strategy.

When putting sharp knives in the silverware holder of the drying rack, put them point down. [I recently had to request one of my co-tenants to do this. The guy’s over 60, you’d think he’d know this by now.]

Food does not suddenly become inedible at 12:01 EST on a certain date regardless of how it’s stored, without leaving any detectable sign.

Maintain three datacenters on different power grids in different regions of the countries and have all your data backed up live to them. I mean come on people this is just common sense.

If you and your friend are walking on a moving walkway at the airport, don’t walk side-by-side unless you’re really walking fast. If you insist on doing so, then have some rear-view mirrors bolted to your skull so you can see when faster traffic is coming up behind you and move over to the right.