Things You Shouldn't Need To Tell People

First of all, I would like to announce an astonishing event:

Discobot was right! The title of this topic I’m starting, partly in the memory of the old one on the late lamented snopes boards, “Things You Shouldn’t Need To Tell People”, actually is similar to – in fact almost identical to – the titles of two much older threads. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that warning pop up something that really was similar.

However, one of them died in 2002, and the other in 2010. And while I considered reviving the 2010 thread, I found that would seriously tempt me to try to open an argument with somebody from 2010; and I probably shouldn’t need to tell myself not to do that. So instead, here in a brand new thread, is my current candidate for a Thing You Shouldn’t Need To Tell People:

At a farmers’ market, or for that matter at a grocery, do not shove your naked nose (whether or not there’s a plague on) right into the middle of six bunches of herbs that you are not going to buy in order to get a better sniff at them.

(At the market, I’ll actually cut you a couple of leaves if you ask.)

Always have backups of your data.

Do not set off fireworks in a high fire risk area.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and such are not personal punishments from sky people for incorrect lifestyle choices.

Don’t pick your nose on a bumpy road.

Having your data stored on an external drive is NOT a backup.

But at least better than no backup at all. Unplugging it after backup is a first step.

No, it’s no better than no backup at all.
I’m not talking about a copy of your data. I’m talking about people who think that having the only copy live on an external hard drive is “a backup."

Oh, I see, I misunderstood. Yeah, that’s dumb, especially if the data is only stored on a thumb drive. So, the basic rule is: always keep your important data in at least two separate locations. Ideally in two locally separate places (in case of fire/theft/other natural catastrophes).

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t piss into the wind.

Don’t tug on Superman’s cape, don’t pull that mask from Lone Rangers face…

Read and understand the coupon before you hold up the line at the grocery store.

Do not send lots of money through wire transfers to folks you just met on the internet.

Don’t wear perfume.

Seriously. Don’t wear it at all, including using soaps and shampoos and lotions that are scented. Perfume chemistry is often hazardous, and many people have respiratory systems that react badly to them. You’re subjecting random strangers to toxic chemicals, and they have no warning or recourse. What are they supposed to do, stay at home? And all this is for what, to amuse yourself?

Don’t just backup your data - back it up to the cloud, or to a device that you can store off-site. If your house burns down and you lose everything, having on on-site backup only won’t do you any good.

If someone offers you an astonishing bargain “double your money in a week!”, ask yourself why they don’t simply spend the money themselves.
Why should they pay out for an advert?

Women are people.

And don’t use highly scented laundry soap and fabric softener. Those bother me more than perfume.