Things you're wrong about but will stick to anyway

What things are you objective (or at least probably) wrong about, that you know of, but will stick to it until you die?

Your guys’ is the possessive of “you guys”, you guys. I will fight you. I saw a show localized with “you guys’” in the title and thought it was wrong. After searching, I had a slow-motion collapse before my eyes of everything I know about English. “Your guys’” is always listed as the least preferred.

Well fuck you, if that’s what your guys’ grasp of English dictates then I’ll… I’ll start my own English. With blackjack. And hookers. And extra rs.

Apparently, if you end a sentence with something quoted, even if it’s only one word that is quoted, you must place the sentence-ending punctuation inside the quotation marks. Well, the hell with that! Uh-uh, no way, ain’t a-gonna. If the quote takes up most of the sentence, I’m amenable, otherwise no-siree-Bob. As the UhKer once said - “bloody 'ell”!

Pronouncing “gif” with a hard G.

“Vagina” is apparantly a non-visible part of the female reproductive system and some people on the Dope get snippy about phrases such as “exposed her vagina”. Nonetheless I’ve always considered id the term for the entire thing and will continue to do so.

Sasquatch Lives!

Most people know what you’re talking about if you say that. I taught my daughters to say vagina. no one says vulva, and it sounds strange too. So I’m with you on this one.

I often pronounce the number zero as “oh.”

If it’s three minutes after five o’clock I will say, “three oh five” not “three zero five.”

I will pronounce “a .308 bullet” as “a three oh eight bullet.”

And so on.

But I suspect most people do this…

Thought it was just me. It just seems incorrect to do it that way.

I like two spaces after a period. I like the Oxford (or maybe the non-oxford) comma.

Well, old chap, that’s because it’s really “aught”; yours is just the American way of pronouncing it. It’s “Double-aught Seven”, not “Double-O(h) Seven” :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: Mind some tea…?

And hell yeah with the punctuation v. quote marks. What’s inside the marks is what I’m quoting, what’s outside is what *I’m *writing.

“Data” is a Latin plural, but in English it’s as singular as “news”. Talk about “a datum” if you must, but “the data indicates” not “the data indicate”.

I will use ‘their’ as a singular pronoun in place saying ‘his or her’.

Speaking of zeroes, you know how, in some fonts, the zero has a slash through it to make it look different from an O? I always put that slash in the wrong direction. It’s just the habit I’ve gotten into, and most of the time when I’m writing numbers it’s only for my own benefit anyway.

It’s a pound sign you dumb twitters!

Wait a second. I’m actually right about that. … Never mind.

Yeah, I’m with you on this one, but I fight a little battle with myself whenever I’m using quotes. Where do I put the damned punctuation? It looks right on the outside of the quotes, but I’m not very consistent one way or the other.

My wife is both a possessor of, and an expert in, the female reproductive system. I’ve never heard her get as pedantic about the names of the bits as some folks on the Dope. When her patients tell her about their vaginas, I’m pretty sure she can figure out from context what they are saying. Around her colleagues, I’m sure she’s more precise. But somehow I doubt she’s ever said to a patient, “Pfft. I think what you meant to say is that you have a painful sore on your vulva.”

I had a teacher in high school who complained that a zero-with-a-slash was the empty set, not a zero. This was in about 1990, and I think what set him off was seeing things printed on dot-matrix printers with the slash in the zeroes. I guess he was right, but when I’m writing a string of characters – other than something that’s an obvious number – I still put in the slashes even though I think of him almost every time I do.

I do the line when tallying numbers from NW to SE, everybody else seems to do it SW to NE. Despite that I consider them all to be WRONG!

This is a pound sign: £. This is a hash, (or octothorpe): #

Interesting. I learned that as “Thirty Aught Eight”

The dog is a “Sheed Zoo”, not “Shit Zoo”, even if the vet does say it that way. And yes, neither is proper Chinese, but just hush.

Europeans and soldiers are right. Dates should be written day, month, year not month, day, year. It’s 17 April 2015 not April 17, 2015.

They say pluralized acronyms should have an apostrophe - “I have four CD’s.” No. No!