Things you've dropped into the toilet

What inspired this thread:
As you may know from previous threads, I am a magician. I’m also a computer technician in my regular job. So I’m taking a break and sitting on the toilet responding to nature’s calling, and as I’m doing this (Since I don’t have anything better to do) I’m practicing some magic. Actually I’m making up some gimmicked business cards for a trick I’m working on. Without giving the secret away, I will say that I was using a hole puncher to gimmick the business cards (Anyone know Michael Close’s “Pot Hole Trick?”).

As I am doing this, I drop my hole puncher INTO THE TOILET!!
I couldn’t believe it… and I had poop in there and everything. I did manage to get it out and clean it off, but it made me wonder…

The question:
What have you accidentilly dropped into the toilet and what were the circumstances surrounding said drop?

Also were you able to recover it? If so, how? Did you ever use it again? For me I used a pen to grab the hole puncher out.

Ahhh, toilets.

first: My (ex) husband, using the cell phone at work, naturally dropped it in. I laughed too hard to find out what he did with it.

I have a son. naturally things have gotten dropped in:

When he was in the ‘biting’ phase that all kids go through, I’d pick him up like a football, take him into the bathroom and have him bite into a bar of soap (we had a bunch of those little hostess soaps). he’d sputter and wander off. One day he’d biten his cousin Kris like 3 times right in a row (“mom, Ben bit me”, I take Ben, have him bite in the bar of soap, sputter sputter, Ben runs off, “mom, Ben bit me again” repeat as needed). I found him a few moments later, he’d taken every bar of soap he could find and thrown it in the toilet. Those I was able to rescue (the toilet had been empty).

The other method of disciplin I used on young Ben was ‘time outs’ and I’d set the timer for the amount of time. One day I couldn’t find the timer. A few days later, we started having problems with (you guessed it) the toilet. This time he’d flushed it. The plumber found it. we didn’t want it anymore.

[Henry Kissinger]

My Glasses.

[/Henry Kissinger]

Well, not quite in, but close. At work, we wear photo ID badges. One time, I knocked my badge off somehow, but luckily it bounced off the rim and landed on the floor. I now always take off my badge and put it in my pocket when I’m in the restroom.

A copy of The Song of Roland, during my second year of college.

I fished it right out, and in fact still have it. There wasn’t actually anything in the toilet, and college bookstores being the evil price-gouging monopolies they are, I was damned if I was buying another one.

My contact lense case (open and separated at the time) and my hairbrush. Both recovered, both used again after thoroughly cleaned.

It’s just inevitable. When you drop something near a toilet which has its lid up, the dropped object will find a way to bounce directly into the toilet. I have actually gotten into the habit of closing the toilet lid when I’m handling small things (e.g. makeup) near it, because if something slips out of my hands there is no doubt that it will land in the toilet. Unless toilet is clean but the trash can is full and particularly disgusting – then it will land in there and make its way all the way to the bottom.


My daughter, when she was about 2. Actually she dropped herself in. When her father and I rushed into the bathroom in answer to her screams, we found just her feet and head sticking out over the rim.

She was scared of the toilet for months after and mad at her parents for laughing.

A golf ball. Into a urinal at a putt-putt golf place. It actually dropped from my hand at the sink, bounced twice on the floor before landing in the urinal. I did not retrieve it.

I didn’t actually drop anything, but when my then-boyfriend and I were living in France, we had the smallest possible bathroom. Not only was the bathroom small, but the toilet itself had a life of its own. The tank was for reasons unknown to man hooked up to warm water and our warm water tank was tiny. And it was expensive to heat the water too, so naturally we saved the water as long as possible, ie, we didn’t flush until necessary. We had a little chlorine thingy so it wasn’t gross.
Anyway, getting back on track here… One day, my guy comes out the bathroom, looking incredibly embarrased and blushing like a tomato. He had managed to knock over my make-up bag, and my favorite eye-shadow and some other really neat stuff had fallen into the toilet. He took me shopping. I went straight to the Clinique counter…

Er, maybe the question should be what haven’t I dropped into the toilet. Things just have a tendency of falling in. To name a few

the company pager
the company cell phone
the keys to the company car, with the remote attached(I did like that job, by the way)
numerous pens and pencils
the “visitor” badge I had to wear when visiting a company office out of town

most of the items were retrieved and used again. Pens and pencils, however, are immediately retired, since I have a habit of chewing on them to no end. The idea of chewing on one after it’s been in the toilet? Ewwwwwww.

My stuffed Shamu I got from SeaWorld when I was little. My mom dubbed it, “Shamu going for a swim.”

My blankey, “Crummy”. (I don’t remember this, my mom told me about it.)

Both times they were rescued and washed.

You mean they had toilets back then…when you were a child?

:d & r as fast as I can…: But that was worth it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Biggirl…lol! How’d you get your daughter to use it again? :slight_smile:

Well a few weeks ago, I dropped my sunglasses into the (used) toilet. Without thinking I shoved my hand into the toilet, and ran, cursing, to the sink. I was at school, but fortunately, it was during class, so I was the only one there.
So, I had two choices, keep them or throw them away. They are the best sunglasses I have ever had. So really, what choice did I have? After a VERY VERY good cleaning, I kept them.

Zoggie-considering I’m only 22, I’m not insulted! LMAO

I’ve never dropped anything in the toilet. I work for a pager company, however, and when a woman calls in and the first thing she says is, “You’ll never guess what I did!” it is certain she has dropped her pager in the toilet. I just usually chuckle and ask where I can send a replacement.

My kids, however… stuffed animals (particularly this one 60’s cow I got from Chik Fil’A), glasses, anything they can drop in. You have to be really careful when they bring you a glass of water.


the two i can remember:

the last roll of toilet paper, and
a little container that held about 20 bathbeads shaped like different animals.

I’ve dropped tons of things into the toilet that don’t belong in there. I’ve finally smartened up, and my toilet lid is always down now. Woe to the person that leaves it up. Everything gets disinfected and re-used, unless it’s something rather porous, and then it gets retrieved just to get thrown in the garbage. I always retrieve because I don’t want to pay for a plumber to fix the toilet if something gets firmly lodged in there.

One of the worst ones was when a neighbor kid dropped a washcloth into the toilet after she peed in it. She left quickly, and I was left to dunk my hand into someone elses pee to get the washcloth out. Gross. I shudder just to think of it. Once, my son dropped my brand new contact lenses into the toilet, and then flushed. I was not impressed, especially since I have terrible astigmitism and my contacts are rather expensive.

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We had to hold her by the arms. Protection from the toilet monster.