Things you've seen abroad you wish were adopted world wide

Me too - I think all the states that offer the “flat rate based on income” method 1) exclude certain purchases ( in my state, individual purchases over $1000 in which case you must file a sales and use tax report) and 2) provide a safe harbor so that even though my flat rate is $33 and that would be around $400 in purchases , once I have paid that, I don’t need to worry that $2000 in purchases will show up and I own more in use tax.

Plus, I’m pretty much guaranteed to actually owe at least $33 in use taxes, between on-line sellers who don’t collect my states sales tax and purchases made out-of-state where either no tax was collected or a lower rate was collected - this includes anything taxable that I buy when I am in NJ and take back to NYC, as the tax rate in NJ is about 2% lower

I think the only sales we need to individually record of we pay the safe haven amount is autos.

I thought for out-of-state automobile purchases, they collect the sales tax when you register the car?

They were available here in Canada for years, but weren’t really the default. I always avoided them because they’re basically completely unsecured, and so the limit to use them was pretty low, like $50 most places, so it wasn’t really practical for a weekly grocery bill or a night at the pub.

But with the pandemic, they upped that limit, and it’s now high enough that I don’t even know what the limit is, because I’ve never hit it.

I guess we all just decided the risk of fraud is less than the risk of COVID.

That was my experience here in Michigan a couple of decades ago. Bought a motorcycle out of state, rode it home, and when I went to register it I had to pay the sales tax.

Yup, that’s how they enforce it.

In Missouri that’s how you pay the taxon all motor vehicle purchases. Doesn’t matter where you bought it. When you buy plates you pay the sales tax.