Think I have the ultimate post for this category

Straight up brag.

Today, in religious (Hebrew) school, one of my students told me her brother, who I had taught about three years ago, told her the only time he had fun in religious school was when I was his teacher!

Had compliments like that before, and probably all the teachers get that once in awhile, but feels so great

Hurray! Mom was a teacher and she still remembers student compliments like that.

Mazel tov!

But, students should be learnin’, not funnin’! :face_with_monocle:

J/K, learning should be fun. Good job!

Way to go @RivkahChaya !!

I’m not a teacher but I was in charge of training at work. I’ve had at least two people tell their supervisors I was the best trainer they ever had.

It feels good. And I did enjoy training people when that was my job.

Maybe there’s a thread for religious proselytizing this would be a better fit for.

Hooray! Good on ya!

That’s a great feeling, isn’t it? Good for you!

Mazel tov!

I hope everyone has a couple of special teachers that they remember fondly their whole lives.

I had one like that on the other side of the country in seventh grade (1960). I looked him up on the internet about 10 years ago and wrote him a letter thanking him for what he taught us about writing. Much to my surprise, he phoned me! He told me my letter touched him so much he framed it. :slightly_smiling_face: And then he sent me a fruitcake! God bless, Mr. M.

And God bless all you great teachers who have (often unknown) impacts for good on your students’ lives!

What?? <scratches head>

Someone didn’t have enough caffeine…


I’m still proud of myself for dropping the F-Bomb while teaching our Confirmation class (in the middle of a beautiful cathedral). Long story, but it was said with affection and was actually appropriate. And got a golf clap from everyone but the senior pastor, who was catatonic for a bit.

Yes, you’re right. That was uncalled for. Apologies.

Fun in class? That’s a paddlin’.