Think of a city in Australia (that isn't Sydney)

Some important statistical research - if you were asked to think of a city in Australia that *isn’t *Sydney, what do you think of first?

Because I’m trapped in the '40s I thought of Darwin since it was bombed by the Japanese.


Obviously the capital, Canberra.


A Town Like Alice.


Well, you did say ‘city’, not biggish town.

Hobart, 'cause I was reading A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley recently.

Good book.


Second was Alice Springs

Darwin. Used to watch seaQuest DSV back in the day.

Perth. Don’t know why. I think I’ve heard more about Melbourne.

I thought of Alice Springs

Me too. No idea why. It’s just the first one that popped into my head.

Brisbane, for no articulable reason.

Melbourne. It’s the only Australian city I’ve been to, so presumably that’s why I think of it first.

Brisbane for no reason either.

I have friends in Adalaide

Perth, although I’m not even sure where it is.

Melbourne because we have a Doper here with that as his location.

I think Perth may be especially easy to recall because it’s just one syllable.

Brisbane. Probably because I was thinking the other day about the old board game “Pirate and Traveler,” the board of which had a map of the world with various important and not-so-important cities on it. (Including Goodthaab, Greenland, which was “Pirate’s Goal,” which we always pronounced, unironically, as if it were spelled “ghoul”–same with the safe spot in the game of tag.)

Sydney was I think the main “destination city” in the game where Australia was concerned. (Could be wrong.) But Brisbane, along with Perth and Albany, was also on the board, and I thought of Brisbane first.